What is common in youth of every city now?

They all really want to be self dependent in any way out ,for some it is a way to prove their families, friends that they are worth earning in thousands along with their college studies, for some it might be financial crisis.

Solution : And most of the people end up with one solution and that is “NIGHT SHIFT JOB”. And for these youngster’s there are industries like BPO, KPO who are there to recruit all of these college-going girls and boys easily.

bpo jobs

And soon this casual job becomes a priority cause of the salary and incentive they provide. A major point which I see is, there are a lot many engineering students doing a call center job where there mind get stucked in doing a same kind of work for as long as a year.

There is when the creativity of an engineer fades away where as he is supposed to learn about new inventions, machines each day.

But Behind the easy money for the undergraduates there are some medical facts they really ought to know :


  • One of the worst things you can do to disrupt your body clock is engage in regular night shift work. (research says)
  • Working the Night Shift May Increase Your Diabetes Risk Nearly 60 Percent
  • Working the night shift increases women’s risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduced ability to fight cancer.
  • Blood pressure instability.
  • Night shift makes metabolism go haywire.


Well, until last few years this was just the problem with the metropolitian youngsters from mumbai to delhi.

But now, with the growth of outsourcing in India even in developing cities like udaipur we now have some fifties of BPO,KPO companies with their efficient undergraduate worker’s, though somewhere it’s a good source for employment for the the youth but then I want all of them to be aware of the consequences they could face and the steps what they should take.

But when if a NIGHT SHIFT JOB is a need for someone, then more he need is ” TIME MANAGEMENT”.

A Healthy Sleep Routine is Essential for All, also one should never prefer over-time in a night shift job , that will just make you more exhausted. If it is no way possible for one to avoid his/her night shift timings, one can somewhat challenge the health effects by keeping a schedule. By being consistent your body’s clock will eventually adjust to your sleep/wake cycle, and this is LESS damaging than if you constantly change shifts and accept your body clock to adjust.

At the end I’d like to say to my friends that their age is not to earn but to learn.

A Post by: Shubham Purohit