Dr. Arvinder Singh tips for improving Focus and Study Skills

Dr. Arvinder Singh

The Times of India and Panacea Intelligence (Explore Genius inside You) presented a seminar on “Effective Study Skills” at Hotel Trident. The key speaker was Dr. Arvinder Singh (M.D., MBA from IIM ). Dr. Singh is a certified Mind Trainer from Debono Academy (US) and Buzan Academy (UK) and is an expert on Neurolinguistic Program certified from National Federation of NLP (US)

The program started with the welcoming of guests that was conducted by Shakuntla Sarupriya from the Times of India, followed by lighting-the-lamp ceremony by Dr. Sujan Singh, Father of Dr. Arvinder Singh. Dr. Arvinder began his session by addressing his Gurus Dr. Edward de Bono of De Bono Thinking Academy and Dr. Tony Buzan, Buzan Thinking Academy. His session started with an explanation on why one is not able to perform the task even when there is enthusiasm around it, he mentioned ‘Lack of Focus’ to be the key factor that affects our work.

Through a story, he emphasized the need for training in quick and appropriate decision making as sheer enthusiasm and hard work were not going to be enough . The difference between hard work and smart work that involves organizing and planning a task was brought about. Speed reading was emphasised upon as an important skill, and other aspects of reading like eye span, fixation time, regression, visual wondering, and word recall were dealt in a lucid and comprehensive manner. The highly stimulating and rewarding seminar was attended by an elite audience.Pegging and association were followed by whole brain training and Mind mapping. The possibility of enhancing IQ through greater interaction between left and right brain interested the audience while the question answer session turned out to be equally illuminating.

At the end, the audience which included well-known educationalists and businessmen were awarded with a Certificate of Participation and a Memento that was presented by Dr. Sujan Singh, Claude D’Souza and Dr. Arvinder Singh.

Effective Study Skills Seminar