Who Is an IAS officer..?? IAS i.e. Indian Administrative Service officer is basically a term used for collectors or the ones who roams in a “LAL BATTI” car if I talk in a typical common man language. But, to the ones who are preparing for the examination, it’s about the pride of their country. To them it means holding key positions in the Indian Government System so that they can make their country a better world to live in.

It offers a great post and career to go with but the youth today is not much active or should I say ‘aware’ about the course for becoming a successful IAS officer. Although high efforts are needed but once you crack it, you get a high prestige and power in society.

When and How to prepare for it ?

A candidate can think of his/her career in IAS just after completing 12th or after it. The sooner you think, the more are the chances of success. This examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It has three stages (preliminary, mains and interview). To clear IAS exam, you need to focus on the goal and go on doing the hard work along with sincere studies. But it’s not about being a bookworm to crack the exam. Knowledge of effective and smart study methods is equally important. Innovative ideas of study such as using memory techniques increase our efficiency and chances of success by leaps and bounds. Proper guidance and motivation is necessary to meet the goal in a time bound manner.

Regarding the study material, proper selection is a necessity to succeed and to prevent wastage of time and money. Also selection of right coaching institute is necessary so that you are properly guided throughout the journey.

Aim for the best, Aim for IAS…

For helping you to realize your dream of becoming an IAS officer, Educrafters- Innovative Solutions for Government Careers, present a seminar in Udaipur for the first time on “All about IAS”. It is an informational as well as motivational seminar. A must attend if you had ever thought about this career… a way to know how IAS can be made simple and in fact cracked with little efforts.. you will also come to know the benefits of preparing for IAS as well as the secret of improving writing skills. The seminar will definitely change your perspective about IAS and may give an entire new dimension to your career.

This ‘All about IAS’ seminar by Educrafters will include the topics such as :
What is IAS?

Why/When/How to prepare for IAS ?

How to increase efficiency of studies ?

How to smart study ?

Which study material to refer?

Role of proper guidance,diet etc.


All about IAS Seminar :

Time 7.00 pm

Date-28th/29th/30th Sept. 2012

Venue- 22, Jairam Colony, Near Thokar Chouraha, Udaipur.

For More Details Contact : +91-7737692315 (Tarun Agarwal)



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