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Say No To High Beam Lights

high beam lights

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We all are very well aware about the vulnerable traffic conditions of Udaipur. There is no Red Light, No Zebra Crossing, No Safety Concerns for drivers and other traffic on road that are using it. Not even pedestrians are aware about the proper use of road and the traffic that is running on the road. For the worst traffic situation in the city a little bit credit goes to those who are not driving or nor using the road as pedestrians. Then who are they? The credit goes to the road side stalls and other shop owners who encroach the property and prove a hurdle for the running traffic. There are many reasons for such horrible traffic in Udaipur.

This is the scenario for the day and during the night the other half of the problem comes into the picture. But, what is that? No doubt, you might have experienced many times when you had driven a bike or another two wheeler during night. The focusing high beam lights of other vehicles penetrate straight away into your eyes and leave you blind almost. You are left with no choice to stop aside or slow down your vehicle. Let us know the fact whether it is really necessary for all of us to drive using high beam lights.

I remember when I started learning driving I was always told the dos and don’ts to keep in mind while driving. One of them was No High Beam. In metro cities like Delhi the drivers are penalized for driving using high beam. If driving using high beam is an offence then why they are provided in vehicles. The answer is very straight forward and simple. Do you face the same driving scenario and same driving conditions every day? No, and accordingly we reciprocate to the situation we have to face ahead.

High beams are not meant for use inside the city. They are supposed to be used where there are multiple lanes of traffic and there is least chance of blinding drivers coming from the opposite direction. High beams are made to provide clarity of view from long distance. Thus vehicles moving at high speed must be able to see the road and hurdles on road if there are any from a long distance. This would enable them to decide and have better control on their vehicle. Stopping distance vary according to the speed of the vehicle. High beams should only be used where there are no street lights and secondly where vehicles move at a high speed. Both these factors relate to highway traffic and is not meant for the traffic running within a city. NO to high beam head light within the city should be respected and obeyed as a universal traffic rule.

According to the traffic police most drivers when penalized for ignoring the rule plead for the ignorance. They claim that they were unaware that using high beam within the city is an offence. And there is flock of drivers who are educated but still ignore the inconvenience caused to others.

It is not yet too late. Make a habit to check your level of head light before gearing up your vehicle on road especially during the night. Use high beam only when you really need it. It is a good driving practice to turn your head light to low beam when you notice some other vehicle coming from the opposite direction. This would help them to judge the road and would offer a clean and clear visibility. Say NO to High Beam.

Issued in public interest.