Why do Gujaratis Love to Come to Udaipur?

We know who to welcome to the City of Lakes whenever we see a GJ written on a vehicle! Yes, we are talking about neighbors and the most prominent guests of Udaipur, the Gujaratis. Their contributions to the city’s tourism and hospitality industry have always been valued. Also, their love for the city is huge, and you can see the obvious reasons below!

Beautiful Views

udaipur views
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Discussions of Udaipur’s immense magnificence and allure take place not just in India but also around the world. These days, the city is undoubtedly on everyone’s must-travel list! But more often than not, the name of the city recurs in Gujarati diaries. We assume that they will be forever overwhelmed by the stunning lakes, landscapes, and Aravali Hills. And that’s why they find it difficult to resist coming here for just one weekend every month or two.


udaipur-ahemdabad distance
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When it comes to the distance between Gujarat and Udaipur, that is absolutely minimum. Ahmedabad is only 262 kilometers and approx 5 hours away. People can come here much more easily because it is the closest location. Like that they save much of the traveling expenses too. That’s why most of the people end up spending any small vacay they get in Udaipur.


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The eateries in Udaipur are very scrumptious as well as pocket-friendly and people of Gujarat are foodies. There are a tonne of bazaars in the city as well. And people can easily track down things with viable prices there. One would undoubtedly adore gathering souvenirs to remember their visit.

clubs in udaipur
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Well, even Udaipur has a thriving nightlife these days. If you know what you know, that is a bit of a difficult thing to happen in Gujarat. And who would want to give up the opportunity to experience it in the most accessible and affordable city?

One can Even Reach By Road

udaipur gujarat road
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The idea of planning a road trip could be well executed if Gujaratis decide to come to Udaipur for it. This is because of less distance and accessibility. Even the scenic views near the city would give anyone Bollywood-like road trip feels throughout.

Places to visit near Udaipur are a Cherry on the Cake

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The city of lakes doesn’t just behold beauty in itself but at its outskirts as well. There are several natural places around Udaipur which turn into complete heaven during the on-going monsoon. And who would want to miss the sight of and ultimately Gujaratis get attracted to it.

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Moreover many temples are also located near the city. One of the most famous temples is in Nathdwara of ShriNathji, pratiroop of Lord Krishna. People of Gujarat and Mewar specifically hold immense faith in this sacred place. One feels overwhelmed to visit there seeking the blessings from Thakur ji. 

Well Gujaratis and their obsession to keep coming to Udaipur makes us gratified. We love to be hospitable to them and as an Indian we’ve always been taught “Atithi-Devo-Bhava”. It means guests are the replicas of Godly figures.

Nonetheless it is assured that this ‘love-storiyan’ won’t ruin anything, rather it’d help the tourism and hospitality industry grow more!



Foodies Alert! KHAUGALI is finally in town

The last few days have been amazing, firstly because of the weather and then because of the opening of a much-awaited spot for all the foodies in town. You guessed it right, Khaugali kicked off its operations, last week at Sukhadia circle with something amazing in store for each and every foodie.

Inaugurated on June 21 by the honorable Mayor of Udaipur, Khaugali is a concept brought about by Mr. Akshay Tiwari, which aims at bringing a clean, hygienic, and a better eating environment for every visitor. Khaugali has 15 different shops, all serving different varieties of food. According to Akshay, they have tried not to replicate cuisines at any two shops, resulting in a diversified menu and innumerable things for us to lay our forks on!

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

Khaugali will remain open from 12-noon to midnight every day. They also have a big space for children to play and are contemplating to start live monthly performances as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the shops here:

1. Ranaji Special

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Chur-chur naan and chana masala

Seeing the increasing demand of the very popular chur-chur naan and dal makhani, Mr. Prashant Jain has decided to set-up shop in Khaugali as well. The main attractions would be, Chur-chur naan, Garlic and Cheese chur-chur naan with Paneer Haandi, Chana Masala, and other delicious dishes.

2. Aamchi Farsan

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Aamchi Farsan

Big news for all the Gujarati and Maharashtrian food lovers in the city! Aamchi Farsan will be seen serving yummy Gujarati Farsan, Khaman Dhokla, Khandvi, Patra, and Maharashtrian dishes like Misal and Usal paav, Mumbaiya bhaji paav, etc.

3. Maisamosa Tu Aloo

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Maisamosa Tu Aloo

Specializing in fusion dishes like Chettinad samosa, Momo samosa, Pizza samosa, Three Cheese samosa, Chole Kulche sandwich, Exotic Kulcha sandwich, and healthy smoothies and fruit juices, this place is a heaven for health-conscious people.

4. Shree Nath Gota Faluda

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Shree Nath Gota Faluda

This shop, as the name suggests, serves tasty, mouth-watering Faloodas, gotas, shakes, and juices.

5. Shree Nath Chat Center

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Shree Nath Chat Center

Your favorite pani puri stall at Shakti Nagar now has an all-new destination at Khaugali as well. Shree Nath pani puri center will be serving their all-time famous, Dahi puri, Sev puri, Tikkis, and delicious pani puris here.

6. Famjam

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

This is probably going to be our favorite shop at Khaugali for now. They will be serving delightful Italian dishes like Pasta, Pizza, etc. along with, Pav bhaji, Chole bhature, Ice-creams, and packed beverages.

7. Ice & Spice

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

This shop will serve South Indian dishes and parathas. (opening soon!)

8. Chaifeteria

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town

With 20+ different varieties of chai (tea), Chaifeteria is here to tickle your taste buds with yummy sandwiches, mocktails, and Maska buns.

9. Tera Mera Cake – Bread N Bites

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Bread N Bites
Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Bread N Bites

After you have had all the piping hot and spicy food, you might want to give this kiosk a try! Tera Mera Cake is all set to give you a sugar-rush with their Thandai Cake, Cheese pastries, Apple pies, etc.

10. Tandoor and Roll Station

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Tandoor and Roll Station

They will be specializing in Paneer Tikka and Rolls, Potato twister, Kulhad coffee, etc.

11. Anika Eatery

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Anika Eatery

This kiosk will be serving Chinese and Indian main course cuisines.

12. Food Junction

Beware foodies! Khaugali is finally in town
Food Junction

This shop will be serving Paneer Chilly, Fried rice, Noodles, and Manchurian, among other tasty Chinese dishes.

Tell us about your favorite shop at Khaugali and what you liked the most in the comments section below. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Happy Eating!