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Good Morning @ Sukhadia Memorial Park

sukhadia memorial udaipur

It was quite chilling outside and in the freezing morning at around 7’O clock I stepped out towards Sukhadia Memorial Park, Durga Nursery Road. From Ashok Nagar to Durga Nursey it was quite near so I decided to have a walk. I could see several people who were either going for a walk and some were returning. I was just wondering; have I delayed my walk, perhaps I would have to visit the park somewhat earlier. But the sheer thought of coming earlier shivered my body from toe to head. Meanwhile I continued walking and reached the park.

I observed the main gate, there were many vehicles parked outside and most were two wheelers and 2 or 3 cars were also there. One could justify that some of them come here for a walk who live a few kilometers away from this place. Pouring some more and more thoughts into my brain I entered into the park. Earlier I used to come here for a walk in summers, comparing the time I found that the number of visitors has declined due to the chilling weather. Still there were people around who were jogging and having their regular morning exercise.

sukhadia memorial udaipur

The place was calm, cool and it was not less than a heaven. Full of greenery and energy, the density of trees was less and it was more due to the lush green grass, enriched with loads of early morning oxygen. You could enjoy taking deep breath and it would purify your body from deep within. It was quite an amazing feel. I too started walking down the pathway where others were having their walk.

Sun was just about to rise; the grass was covered with a blanket of dew, the small little tiny droplets of water. There were birds around, some were still at a position, it seemed as they were waiting for the sun to spread its warmth. It was quite awesome feeling realizing the nature at a place which was all surrounded by the concrete jungle and heavy traffic during day time. The one side of the Sukhaida Memorial has been covered by the Lake City Mall. This reveals the kindness of nature with human being and other creatures. It always gives us something and demands nothing, except for the fact that it should not be exploited. I gave a deep sigh and moved forward.

Having three to four rounds of the park I sat down at a bench for a while. Oops! The cemented bench was like a glacier. For a moment I felt myself at Antarctica. I gave sometime and stick to it to be normal. After giving rest to my limbs I started and had a few more rounds. No, no I am not talking about running just a simple and a sober walk. No marathon, I was not habitual to it. I spent almost an hour in the park; the sun has already risen and spread its beauty to some parts of the park. There were very few people left in the park as most of them had left to finish the rest of the day’s schedule. I too had enjoyed a walk early morning in such beautiful surrounding.

I gave a cursory look around all corners of the park. The park was ready to serve the coming events of the day. I looked at a group; they were all ready with their bags and were gathered there for some meet. I suppose it was an early morning briefing to the executives by their boss or a subordinate team member. I found quite interesting that this park serves many purpose throughout from morning to night. It caters as a central meeting place for the residents of Udaipur.