American Professor Dr. Murari Gupta to join Techno India NJR

Dr. Murari Gupta - Techno India NJR

Dr. Murari Gupta is an internationally recognized researcher in polymer material science is joining Techno NJR as a Professor. He completed his PhD in polymer science and engineering from Georgia Tech USA and worked as postdoctoral fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University, High Performance Materials Institute at Florida State University and currently working at Howard University in Washington DC. Dr. Gupta was a DAAD Fellow at University of Stuttgart, Germany during his MTech program at IIT Delhi. He is an invited peer reviewer in several reputed research journals published by Sage, Elsevier and Wiley in the area of polymer material science. Dr. Gupta’s current research is in high performance multi functional polymeric composites based on carbon nanotubes. Dr. Gupta’s research is expected to bring exciting applications including light-weight stronger materials for fuel efficient aircraft, automobile structures and to develop novel electronic devices.

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