Do you know about this medical startup from Udaipur which saves older patients from Trauma?

Udaipur has always topped the list of ‘the best places to visit’ due to its hotel and tourism industry worldwide, but this city is also home to numerous budding entrepreneurs. And this time, the flag has been held up by Dr. Tanushree Jain.

Dr. Tanushree Jain, a graduate from Manipal University, Karnataka, is currently working as a Chief Executive Officer of Think Out Of The Box (TOOTB) Healthtech Private Limited. Her startup TOOTB Healthcare Private Limited has developed a self-aspirating syringe, which aims at reducing the trauma caused to the patients when they are administered injections by the newly-appointed doctors, nurses, and clinicians. It also got support from the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur Incubation Center (IIMU).

TOOTB focuses on developing innovative products for the medical field and the startup is related to designing disposable syringes. The syringes developed are used to administer drugs through intravenous and intramuscular injection for the treatment of diseases.

The thought of inventing this device struck her mind while she was giving an injection to one of her elderly patients, she was not able to perform Injection-aspiration procedure with one hand and this became the reason for her to develop such a tool. She developed 3d printed fully functional prototype and one thing lead to another.

She believes that the medical field needs a lot of innovations and we should not adjust with already existing old techniques. We should keep innovating on a regular basis which shall provide not only ease to the doctors but also less trauma to the patients during the treatment.

According to the doctor, the main supporter is IIM Udaipur Incubation center team and its mentor – Deepak Joshi. His mentorship and support guided her at every step and helped her to build the startup. She learned marketing skills from Ashish S. Galande who still guides her at every step. Dr. Bhanno Prakash Verma (ENT SURGEON) also shared his medical experience and supported her. She is very thankful to IIM Udaipur Incubation center Team– Dr. Umamaheswaram, Gaurav and Aastha who tremendously supported her throughout this process.

Dr.Tanushree believes that there is a lot of innovation required in the medical field. “Our startup is not only working to overcome some of the medical related problems but also with innovation try to make the already existing devices easier for the doctors, dentist, nurses and less traumatic for the patients. Currently, we are performing clinical trials in the hospitals, looking for investors and planning to launch this device in the market soon” says Tanushree. This startup has also been awarded as National Level Business Plan Competition winner.

About the product:

The startup is related to medical devices. It is particularly related to a disposable syringe used in medical devices for administering medicines through intravenous or intramuscular ways for the treatment of the diseases. The Syringe which is self-aspirating syringe will make the injection procedure easier for the novice doctors, dentists, nurses, clinicians and will prevent unnecessary trauma to the patients. This company is based on motto THINK OUT OF THE BOX- TOOTB. Currently, we are performing clinical trials in the hospitals, looking for investors and planning to launch this device in the market soon.

  • NIDHI-EIR grant, 2 lakh approx., Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
  • Winner of National Level Business Plan Competition.
  • Filed 3 patents.

We received a special message from Dr. Tanushree Jain that which says: “Believe in your child’s dreams especially women, if they want to change their profession and want to create an impact in the society by doing something good for the society please support them. I would like to give the message to all the doctors If you think you have some idea that will create a change in the medical field then do it, work hard for it. My aim in life to make a world a better place for the patient and to make them knowledgeable about the treatment they are receiving.”

TOOTB has also been a National Level Business Plan Competition winner for the syringe design and usability.

For this innovation, the team at TOOTB has been awarded the National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovation Scheme (NIDHI-EIR) by Department of Science and Technology (Government of India).

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Book ‘Tum apni si lagti ho’ by Udaipur’s Ayush Chauhan is out now

Ayush Chauhan, a 19-year-student writer who hails from the city of lakes Udaipur, began his writing journey 4 years ago. From a very young age, he started developing interests in renowned Ghazal singers and poets. Some of his favorites included the well-known Rahat Indori, Mirza Ghalib and Waseem Barelvi. Ayush initially started wordplay to nibble down his daily endeavors, but soon this habit changed into a hobby and then turned into a passion.

Cover of 'Tum Apni si lagti ho' by Udaipur's Ayush Chauhan
Cover of ‘Tum Apni si lagti ho’ by Udaipur’s Ayush Chauhan

He chose love, heartbreak, and life as a genre of his poems. Being an average student in school, apart from writing, he was also a football lover. He deeply enjoys riding and often meanders from place to place to find some soulful inspiration for his poems. Being a science student, he always wanted to fulfill his father’s desire of seeing him become a successful doctor.

Ayush Chauhan
Ayush Chauhan

But, again, like every other Indian boy’s story, it seemed like destiny had already planned his way into a different direction. Even though he was overwhelmed with his efforts towards the arduous studies and syllabus, he never gave up on writing. He started penning down his stress and sorrow in his diary. That later on turned into the idea of writing the book, “Tum Apni si Lagti Ho”. This came when he felt the need to connect with people through his words. The whole process of writing this book took 3 months, but the poems were already nibbled down 4 years ago. From being a common teenager to an author of the book, the journey will surely motivate readers to believe in one-sided love and relationships. In the era of new age love stories, Ayush hopes to showcase the power of one-sided love through his poems.


The book “Tum Apni si Lagti ho” is a combination of Hindi and Urdu words, penned down by Ayush Chauhan. It describes the different phases of love and affection and surely takes you on a poetic ramble of one-sided love, patience, heartbreak, and acceptance. The poems of the book are imaginative and can be best described by just 3 words, “togetherness in separation”.

It includes 55 poems inscribed by the newly started poet, Ayush Chauhan. While reading, the book will take the readers on a poetic excursion of first love, patience, heartbreak, separation, and acceptance, leaving them thinking and pondering about the whole idea of love. The poems might sound raw but the emotions and feelings attached to them are very sagacious and true. Ayush, the 19-year-old enthusiastic poet began writing 4 years back.

This book is an amalgam of 55 out of 100s of poems written over this period of time. The idea of writing this book struck him when he needed a platform to showcase his poems. By sharing these poems, he believes he is sharing a part of himself with the audience. The whole process of writing “Tum Apni si Lagti ho” took 3 months of time, which included intense work, writing, and thoughts. With this book, Ayush hopes to connect with his readers and explain them the concept and beauty behind the one-sided admiration.


Pulse Polio: Do Boond Zindagi ke

Polio Sunday at polio booth

Its the pulse polio campaign again. Every state, every city, every street, every home is participating in the movement to eradicate polio from India. A three day nationwide campaign has started in the country from today. Udaipur has shown a positive response to the campaign and many parents can be seen bringing their children to the polio booths.

This is a three day campaign. For the 1st day, i-e today, many booths have been set up at all places in the city, in every prime and sensitive location, where a team of medical students/doctors are present to provide the polio vaccination. Today this programme is scheduled till 5 p.m. in the evening. For an estimate, there are about 20+ booths in the city by the government medical college students, and even more by the private medical colleges, and at all the hospitals.

For the 2nd day, the team will be doing the field work which will include door to door survey to ensure that every child has been vaccinated, and if not, they must be provided with it. The same will be done on the 3rd day too to ensure no child is left on the second day too.

Along with this arrangement, there are many mobile vans which will travel all around the city and the peripherals for ensuring the perfect success of the programme, by supervising the programme, as well as covering all remote areas, such as any construction sites, slums, etc. The mobile van will consist of a doctor/supervisor, two nurses, and two medical students on an average.

(as told by a medical student at a polio booth)

Polio Sunday

Polio Sunday

Polio Sunday

Polio Sunday


This is an UdaipurBlog appeal to all the alert Udaipies to kindly take your children up to the age of 5 years to the nearest polio booth, as well as encourage your neighbours, your household workers(if any). Spread the awareness and help the country to develop, grow and prosper. 🙂