Penalty, Goal, and here is the Champion: Mohan Kumar Mangalam Football Tournament 2011 Concludes Today

Mountains with the Identity marks of ZAWAR MINES
Zawar Mines Mountains

Zawar Mines, a place approximately 40kms far from Udaipur, famous for its zinc mines, different kinds of people from different states living at such a lovely place, Ramnath temple, Zawar Mata Temple, Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) , etc.

Zawar  Temple

One more thing that contributes to its popularity is Mohan Kumar Mangalam Football Championship popularly known as MKM, which is a National level football tournament.It started in 1975, it is an awesome tournament that lasts for 8-10 days, and is played at Zawar  Stadium. During these days HZL workers get a half day holiday to watch this tournament and they happily contribute their one day salary for organising this tournament.

Zawar Football Stadium
Zawar Football Stadium

One surprizing fact about MKM is that the HZL team has won this tournament in 1975 only, and never after that.

This year in 2011 the Football excitement began on 23rd January 2011, and ended up today.Many teams from all over India participated.

There was a heart throbbing match in the finals between Union Bank of India, Mumbai and Uttarakhand Police Dehradun. All the football enthusiasts were gathered and the adrenaline rush increased each time the heart pounded with thrill. Finally with the help of penalty shot the Dehradun team won over team Mumbai, with a score of 3-4

Team UdaipurBlog wishes the Uttarakhand Police Dehradun team for their wonderful victory in the Championship.

By UdaipurBlog Guest Author- Surbhi Chhadwani


About the Author– born in Zawar Mines and settled in central Udaipur, Surbhi Chhadwani is an active Udaipurite, currently pursuing her engineering from Udaipur in Computer Science.