An Interview with IT Head @ HRH Group : Mr. Vijay Choudhary

Vijay Choudhary HRH

1. Can you put some light, how HRH Group proved its Excellency and succeeded in grabbing the award.

HRH Group of Hotels with its dedicated team of I.T. worked hard and develops solution in-house for various verticals of industry. The innovation is based on need of industry and a driving force towards creating better presence in respective markets to serve. With the vision of our Chairman Shiriji Arvind Singh ji Mewar , we always focused on understanding critical aspect of Businesses and its pain area then should fix it using technology solutions as a key drivers.

CIO Asia 100 is a very big platform where more than 15 countries compete to be listed in 100’s index. We submitted our case study of integrated solution of eCRM (Customer Relationship Management), CRS (Central Reservation System) and Revenue Information System. It found innovative and having sense of strategic value to the jury especially in hospitality industry cope up with Global standard work flow practices.


2. Sir, what was your first reaction after hearing about the award?

When I got email from the editor announcing the news and inviting us for the award ceremony I was excited … ‘Yes it’s done what is next now!!’.


3. How companies and institutions of Udaipur got the nomination for this award. How many other companies also nominated from Udaipur?

I don’t have information of other Organizations nominated from Udaipur however in winner list there were 5 more winners from India including big brands like L&T Infotech, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank.


4. What would be the after effect of grabbing this award to Udaipur IT Sector?

Udaipur becoming the hub of education producing talented people in profession like engineering, management and medical. The award creates a space at Global platforms and breaks the myth that small cities (other than metros) cannot do something noticeable and unique at Global platforms. It would be a big motivation and encouragement to I.T. professionals in and around Udaipur.


5. One main big reason which put the award in HRH’s lap.

Focused industry specific approach where the Business and leadership ‘think less I.T. think more Business’ with a zeal for IT and business alignment. We believe in 1+1 = 11 the synergy among the team members.


6. What are your further plans after receiving this recognition?

We have a plan to diversify our foray into software services to outside world specially to serve Hospitality, Leisure, Travel, Tourism & education industries for their different need of process automation and achieving greater agility to the businesses. The various domains may cover HMS (Hotel Management System), eCRS (Central Reservations system), eCRM & SalesForce automation, HRIS (Human Resources Information Sys), MMS (Material Management System)  & SMS (School Management System). Industry really needs high quality and domain specific agile solutions which should support business and align technology with business objective as the Global economy opens up doors for many more market to serve.

cio 100 Vijay Choudhary HRH

7. Could you elaborate some threats and challenges for successfully establishing and running the IT department of HRH?

Challenges are there as far as visibility to global markets are concerned towards competing for the opportunities available. Moreover the challenges are lack of Infrastructure facilities to the cities like ours, penetrations/access to new technology, training and retaining quality man power.

8. Any message for the youth of Udaipur for becoming a successful IT Professional.

Think out of the box. Your first innovation should encourage you for next it’s a continue process don’t stop yourself anywhere. Udaipur being a small city as compare to metro you have more time to devote for quality work since less time required for commuting. Take advantage of good environment which is less polluted, make likeminded groups, participate in bigger forums at least once in a year, speak, write and let world listen to you. Consider that you can and have approach to Global platforms. Dream for it, strive for it and make it happen.

Best wishes !!

Jai Mewar !!