Authors of the Decade: A World Book Day Special

Here is the List of Authors of the Decade which we have compiled for you on the Occasion of the World Book Day.  🙂

 Nicholas Sparks:

nicholas sparks

Seen the movies: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook or The Last Song! The beautiful the movies, the more enchanting are the write-ups!  This American novelist & screen-writer is amongst the most read writers throughout the globe.
Using the themes of cancer, love & death; a splendid magic of creating a sensual imagery lies in his pen. With 16 novels published under his name & 7 adapted to movies (after the first novel being rejected by the publishers); he remains the most romantic author of the time.


Cecelia Ahern:

Cecelia Ahern

The fairy-tale writer of the current time! J We rarely find words of her kind with any other author. This Irish author is well recognized with her work: P.S. I Love You! <3 : A sentimental yet funny story of the recovery of a woman who loses her husband young & how the letters left by him make her stand into an evenly furnished & happy person!


Paulo Coelho:

paolo coelho

The Brazilian author of The Alchemist, Brida & Veronica Decides to Die apart from many other books; is also a mass-followed writer with a bright philosophical conscience. His books are translations yet have been sold in millions. The famous Hindi movie dialogue – “Agar Kisi Ko Dil-o-jaan se chaho to saari qaynat tumhe usse milane mein jut jati hai.” has been taken from his works.


Dan Brown:

dan brown

Writer of the thrillers: The Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons; the American novelist shows his superbly smart skills with his works. Both the above books (movies too) are treasure hunts set in a 24 hour time period. A man of superior intelligence, there’s rarely anything that can be stated with his stories without having a logic; still adventurous in every sense! He has the ability to promote even a spiritual discussion & debate with entertainment.


Aravind Adiga:

The last Booker Award came to India with the name of this Oxford pass-out Journalist & Writer through his work The White Tiger; though the book was a literal mockery of India Shining! But still the way of writing, sense of a serious humor & an intentional easy language that could reach out any of the commons; prove him a literally proficient person.


Chetan Bhagat:

chetan bhagat

The IIT-D, IIM-A  graduate wrote his first novel at the time when an IIT seemed to listen a heaven! Though an average-languaged writer; but close to the general youngster lifestyle & easy readability, he stands the most popular author of current India! Practically, the one who taught the nation to read back
but bluntly no comparisons with the leak of the rest names!


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Chetan Bhagat in Udaipur on 1 October

Chetan Bhagat in Udaipur

Chetan Bhagat – Most famous novel writer and motivational speaker among the Youth of India 😀 Author of –  Five Point Someone , One Night @ the Call Center , The 3 Mistakes of My Life, 2 States, Revolution 2020 is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. Chetan is a youth icon and also holds record for being “the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history” (NYTIMES). He is also one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World according to TIME Magazine.

His stellar education and diverse professional background makes him the ideal person to share his thoughts and experiences on topics such as Passion, Leadership, Team Building, Values, Motivation, Achieving Goals etc. If you are one of the motivated souls, you will be happy to know that this great author  will be addressing youth of Udaipur  on 1st  Oct 2011 at Bhandari Darshak Mandap, Gandhi ground.

Date: 1 October, 2011

Time: 5 p.m.

Venue: Bhandari Darshak Mandap, Gandhi Ground

(Entry is Strictly Through Passes)

For Passes and other details you can contact: 9672872968, 9672870163, 9672844382