Students of Srajan Academy Bags Top 5 Ranks of Udaipur in CA Foundation

CA Foundation November 2018 attempt results were declared by ICAI in January 2019 where the top 5 ranks of Udaipur were bagged by the students of Srajan Academy. The institution witnessed a humungous success where 92% of students cleared their CA foundation in the first attempt. Most of these students were nurtured by Srajan Academy from last two years where they opted for CA from class 11th+12th+CA Foundation batch.

The top 5 rankers of Udaipur and their All India Rank is mentioned below:

(AIR 15) 1 UDR – Chhavi Murdia

(AIR 17) 2 UDR – Harsh Maheshwari

(AIR 27) 3 UDR – Ajay Singh Parihar

(AIR 36) 4 UDR – Harsh Khated

(AIR 37) 5 UDR – Pranjal Pokharna

The credit to this success goes to the broad and balanced curriculum which includes 2 layers of faculties for each subject, rigorous training for 6 months, regular topic wise test series, full test discussion, individual performance tracking, counseling session, query resolution sessions and of course the hard work of the students.


Srajan Academy – A Pioneer of Commerce Coaching Institute

Back in the year 1999 when Srajan Academy laid its foundation stone, there weren’t many coaching institutes in Udaipur. The venture was started by director CMA CS Manish Kapoor with an initial faculty team of two members i.e. he and his wife. Later his comprehensible teaching methodology attracted a large number of students and gradually the team expanded to a greater extent with faculty members including renowned academicians and the very own students of Srajan Academy.

It has been 20 years since its establishment and Srajan Academy has become the Pioneer of the International professional courses specializing in commerce throughout the state of Rajasthan. Umpteen numbers of surveys have revealed that Srajan Academy has given the most number of rankers from last many years. Thus, the AIR record seems to be abridged without Srajanians.

The success story of Srajan Academy has proved the unforgettable strength of the toppers and the hard work of the expert faculty and their undivided attention towards each and every individual.


The Road Ahead

Srajan Academy is an institution which is continuously evolving and growing with a primary vision to prepare students for all the streams of commerce in the corporate world. On closer inspection, we also find that the curriculum of the institution is highly inclined towards knowledge oriented studies rather than exam oriented ones. The institution had come a long way and have constantly expanded the spear of knowledge. Thus, Srajan Academy has evidently justified the tagline of the institution that is ‘We create professionals’.


Technologically Updated Teaching Methodology

Srajan Academy is enriched with an innovative teaching methodology which has been setting its foot along with the technological advances. The students of Srajan Academy are highly benefitted by the technologically updated infrastructure as well as the teaching methodology wherein the digital visualizer was installed in the year 2005. The academy has also developed an app based study schedule which is helping all the students to follow an organized study pattern.

Moreover, Srajan Academy is the first institution to introduce ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) training in Udaipur.  Similarly, it has involved multiple international courses in Udaipur which were inexistent before Srajan Academy.


Here’s what the Director Says –

When I learned that ICAI is withdrawing CA-CPT scheme (objective pattern) of exams and is relaunching CA-Foundation (subjective pattern), in which thorough subject knowledge along with writing skills are needed, I realized that students would require the building of strong foundational skills

Therefore, I initiated XI+XII+CA-Foundation & XII+ CA-Foundation programme at Srajan Academy. This helped the students to attain conceptual knowledge at the initial stage of their professional education. This strong foundation didn’t just help the students in acing CA-Foundation examinations, but will also impact their CA-Intermediate & CA-Final levels along with their professional career.

I am really thankful to parents & students who trusted me and the results of their trust and our foresight are as below:


No of Students: 30

No of students passed: 28

No of AIRs: 7

Top 5 ranks of Udaipur


A Word by the Proud Srajanians

The connection of a student and the institution isn’t restricted until the education part but it goes beyond that where the outstanding industrial connections of the organization help the students in the internships and the placements.

Through its unending strength and potential, Srajan Academy has become a primary choice of all those students who dream of reaching the apex of success. Evidently, it has come across the path of being recognized as one of the best coaching establishment leading thousands of students towards the road of accomplishments.

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