“Maharana” – The story of the Rulers of Udaipur

Maharana the story of rulers of udaipur

Udaipur has always been one of the finest piece of nature’s beauty. It always fascinates with its lakes, palaces, gardens and what not. But Brian Masters unfolds another facet of this City of Lakes in his newly launched book “Maharana”. In this book, he writes about the rulers of Udaipur who founded this city and ruled it for a long period stretching for nearly one thousand five hundred years in unbroken succession.

This is the first account of the long and colorful history of one very powerful State that has given many legends to India, foremost among them being Maharana Pratap. The author presents vivid portraits of such rulers that continue to inspire many lives and their influence on art and architecture of India. Despite the evolution of the State of Mewar from an independent ‘Princely State’ into a part of the democratic Republic of India, the rulers have not forgotten their vow to look after the people of this land on behalf of the local deity to whom it finally belonged. They are still the ‘custodians’ of the pledge and promise made by their ancestors to their guru.

Brian Masters is a master of non-fiction works, holding the experience of 25 books covering a wide range of subjects from French literature, to literary biography, criminal psychology, animal welfare, and moral philosophy. His narrative make the history come so real that it grips the reader from the beginning till the end. If you are fond of peeping into the past or adore non-fiction writings, then “Maharana” is sure to content your desire for a good book – a book that will take you on a journey into the past of our own city.


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