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Places near Udaipur Best Suited for a Bike Trip

The magnificent allure of Udaipur comes from the location it is situated; the mountain fold of Aravalli Range that surrounds our Lake city contributes in the scenic beauty of several prime locations including Fateh Sagar Lake, The Monsoon Palace (Sajjangarh), Lake Pichola, Badi Lake and  more.

A bike ride around the enticement of Udaipur’s spots is the most suitable way of cherishing its grandeur; for the feel that is attained as the wind gushes your hair shall only be achieved through a delighting Bike Ride! Hence, we’ve jotted down the places near Udaipur best suited for a Bike Trip that are mentioned below-


As the name suggests Haldighati- Turmeric Valley, is an area covered with yellow soil. The valley still sings the songs of the Battle of Haldighati which was fought between Mewar Kingdom and Mughal dynasty. You can also visit the Haldighati Museum that showcases various statues depicting the Haldighati Battle. It is also said that there are some areas in the valley where the soil turned red because of the excessive blood loss of soldiers in the battle. A 40km bike ride from Udaipur can land you into the Turmeric Valley.

Haldighati Udaipur

Ubeshwar Ji

If you want to take a brief look at the lush Aravali Mountains and scenic views of the valley, you must visit Ubeshwar Ji in Monsoons. It also becomes a hot-spot picnic location for locals of Udaipur after the city is blessed with its first monsoon showers. Ubeshwar Ji is a 20km ride from Udaipur, take a right from the Rampura Circle, you’ll spot a milestone with ‘Ubeshwarji’ written on it, enjoy the ride from few villages up to the hill in few minutes you’ll spot the Ubeshwar Ji Temple.



Every Udaipurite who has ever visited this place has gone gaga over the beauty of the valley. You can access this place by heading from Ubeshwar to Dodawali Village, after 3kms of ride on the same road; you’ll encounter a road diversion take a left to Pipliya Ji. We ensure you that this place shall never disappoint you.


Kumbhalgarh Fort

If you’re planning to take your beloved bike some place far from the city, you must visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort. The Kumbhalgarh fort was built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century; it is also the birth-place of the Rajput Hero- Maharna Pratap. Another fascinating fact about the place is that the wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort is extended over 38kms which makes it the second longest wall after The Great Wall Of China.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Jaisamand Lake

The second-largest artificial lake, created in 17th century the Rana Jai Singh Mewar, is located 45kms away from the Udaipur Headquarters. You can take a boat-ride in the huge lake or visit the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary or the Dhebar Lake Marble Dam or get clicked on the marble elephants on the lake shore. The Jaisamand Lake contains 3 islands in its water premises; you can explore each of the islands for another thrilling experience.

Jaisamand lake

Mount Abu

Want to get sorted for the whole weekend? Take a bike ride to the nearest hill station- Mount Abu; it is situated at the distance of 163.2km from Udaipur. Suggested places to visit in Mount Abu include Nakki Lake, Wildlife Sanctuary, Achalgarh, Guru Shikhar and Trevor’s Tank.

Tip: The Room rents are cheaper during the weekdays.

Mt. Abu

Nandeshwar Ji

Another picnic spot that gets crowded as the rainy season knocks the doors of Udaipur. We suggest you to carry spare clothes if you plan to enjoy the fresh stream of water near the Nandeshwar Ji Temple. You have to take a 13 km ride from Udaipur to reach the destination, take a left from Rampura Circle and drive for few minutes until you spot the Nandeshwar Ji Temple. Also the locals are friendly; you can ask them way to the location if there is any ambiguity on the path.



Another location suitable for a long weekend, it is 91km away from Udaipur; the road to Ranakpur can be dangerous so we suggest you to ride slow and at day-time. The Rankpur Jain Temple must be visited by each individual for attaining serenity ad adoring the architectural beauty of the shrine.

Tip – Have a pure Jain meal at the Ranakpur Jain Temple, cherish each and every bite of the lip-smacking traditional meal.

Ranakpur Temple

Chandani Village

If you want to visit a nearby water stream in the pure natural environment, you must not wait for the weekend as well and visit this location. It lies 22kms South from the Udaipur Headquarters, head towards the Ahmedabad Highway NH8 and within 15 minutes you’ll spot a board of ‘Aram Bagh’ on the left, turn left to head towards the allure of Chandani.

Chandani Village

Don’t forget to wear a helmet and drive safe, as safety comes first. Let us know, ‘Which place do you plan to take your bike to this weekend?’ in the comment section below!

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