CBSE Exam Misconduct: Carelessness of a Teacher: Will the Students get Proper Justice

30 students of the CBSE 12th COMMERCE had to suffer due to carelessness of the invigilator, when the question paper for writing the exam was provided to them 25 minutes late, and taken back on due time without providing any extra time.

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This incident happened at the St. Mary’s Convent School, Fatehpura on 3rd March. This school was allotted as the examination centre to students of St. Anthony’s School. The commerce students were gathered to write their 1st examination of Business Studies. The examination was to begin at 10:30 a.m., and at the same time the bell too was rung, but the invigilator could not hear it. Approximately after 25 minutes, i-e- at 10:55 a.m. when he saw the students of the adjacent class writing their exam, he issued orders to distribute question paper to the students. Due to this, many questions were left un-attempted of almost all the students.

The school administration accepted its fault and declared that 10 minutes were provided extra to the students, but the students deny it. The report of the incident has been sent to CBSE for final decision requesting bonus marks for students.

The question is, will the students get proper justice? Let’s all hope for the best.

Source :- Dainik Bhaskar

by Aman Asnani