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Kudos friends!! as UB is about to turn 1 we are now a group of over 10,000 people on facebook celebrating the spirit of Udaipur. It started as a collective effort to bring udaipur online in its true form , and with all your love and support our dedicated team has made it till here. We would like to express our gratitude towards the way people have accepted it and adorned it with regular suggestions and inputs about the site and the concept.

Udaipur known as the City of Lakes  was rather dormant online, its state triggered the inspiration of setting up UdaipurBlog, which pioneered the concept of Dynamic Sites/Blogs in Udaipur. A students initiative UdaipurBlog presents a canvas for people to socialize and connect with Udaipur beyond territorial boundaries. UB serves as a medium of drafting the various hidden aspects of the city online, it isn’t a substitute for newspapers but is rather a place where you can find all kind of stuff  and can express your views over it.

The Overwhelming response to UdaipurBlog inspires us to take a step forward and extend it to greater horizons. This year will be full of new surprises from your very own UdaipurBlog.

We expect the same support from you in future.

Sanjit Chohan


For Team UdaipurBlog


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