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Shakira To Sizzle Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur | UdaipurBlog 


Yes, you have heard it right! The pop sensation, who rocked the whole world with her songs and of course, belly dance, none other than Shakira, will be performing in Udaipur. Unfortunately, this performance won’t be for the public, but, in occasion of the celebration of the 80th birthday of the real estate tycoon, Mr. K.P. Singh(CEO, DLF) The birthday has already been celebrated in August, but the celebration mood hasn’t come to a halt yet.

Reportedly, the three day celebrations have been planned from November 13-15 in Delhi, Gurgaon, and will be ending on 15th at our very own Udaipur. Different ‘Guess lists’ include the name of Shah Rukh Khan, Hritik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, and pop star Ricky Martin who might make it to Udaipur. This shall be a private party, with a limited guest list of about 500 in all, at Jagmandir.

Source: The Times of India,  Local Sources

One reply on “Shakira To Sizzle Udaipur”

Hi Puneet nice to know you are interested but its a private party so no chance for outsiders to enter it. 🙂

Just hope we got to see her in a Public Occasion in Udaipur

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