[Pictures] Valentine Day and Udaipur

While everyone was expressing their Love and Affection on the Valentine’s Day. I got a move around the Udaipur City to know how actually is the Love Day being celebrated. Deen Dayal Park, Rajeev Gandhi Park, Lake Pichola, Fatehsagar lakeside emerged as the favourite hotspot for the Couples to celebrate their Love. While the Gifts and Flowers shop were full of Buyers, Udaipur as usual faced the protest by various Social Groups. Anyways here are the pictures of the Valentine’s Day that I Clicked 🙂




On Behalf of Team I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you guys enjoyed your day and had a good time with your loved ones.

Valentine Day Flowers

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Nice click yash sharma :))) These people gonna be in trouble 😛 Shiv Sena shame on them people from their own team were also found dating 😛 :))))

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hey guys I think you are the sadist of the lot in Udaipur, just wanna have attention by creating disturbances with people, wtf.

What happened ?
Please explain clearly…
Which pic is not appropriate, plz tell me

This type of comments really irritates me

Good Question.
Mr.Rakesh, the aim behind posting these pictures on blog is very clear,
I just wanna show that how these Hindu extremist groups are working,
& How youth is becoming smart & Enjoying the Valentines Day by ignoring these social groups.
The youth of lakecity is adopting western culture & we are showing this to everyone, whats wrong in this ??
Try to identify the locations of pictures, all the pictures are clicked at public places, not in thier rooms.
& let me clear your doubt, We are not using these pictures for the promotion of our blog, as our blog needs no promotion.

Good job buddy…its surprises us tht u did so much for promoting valentine day…people lyk u play main role in spreading the awareness of love…nd thts true ”love kia toa darna kya”everyone has right to live there life independently….:)

Dear Yash,
It’s not personal, but just tell me, is UB a platform to express the “feeling” of its Team members or is it a professional blog with serious business strategies?
If you keep telling me that “I don

I dont see anyone else complaining about the points you are raising. In this case it is your negative perception about Udaipur Blog or its your responsibility (given by some competitors) to let down UB on each article?

Interestingly I feel the same for you Ojal, that its your responsibility to support your friend on ALL the occasions without thinking about it.

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