[Pictures] Nine days of Navratri Finally Concluded with Zeal

Navratri means nine days of full fun, frolic, devotion, as well as enthusiasm. This year during Navratri, one had many options for enjoying the same with friends, family, or even alone. First of all, the rocking environment of Garba, or Dandiya shall not be forgotten. Huge populations have poured in huge amount of money for arranging passes and getting inside for enjoying the Garba. Here are few photographs of the Our Real Estate Dandiya Raas 2011 event by Mujtaba RG







Other than the Garba, there was also the Durga Puja Celebration held by Bengali communities over different places in Udaipur. Devotees of Goddess Durga celebrated the Durga-ashtami on the 8th day of Navratri, majority of devotees observed fasts. The Bengalis worshipped the Goddess Durga at the Sandhi Puja with 108 lotus flowers and 108 lamps at late night, which is the Sandhi, or the joining period of the going 8th day, and the coming 9th day. The photos below show few of the rituals such as Sandhi Puja, Dhunuchi dance, etc. The Dhunuchi is a clay pot filled with burning incense; devotees of the Goddess Durga dance with these – hop across to the nearest Durga Puja pandal this evening, it’s breathtaking, and too much of fun as well. Photos are shot by Gaurav Bhattacharya, Mujtaba RG, and Prasun Bannerjee 😀


Decoration and arrangement at Sutharwada



Cultural events being held at the pooja communities
Scene from Arti in the evening from Bindu Bhawan, Ashok Nagar
Devotees performing the Dhunuchi Dance

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