[Exclusive Pictures] Yo Yo Honey Singh in Udaipur

All is well that ends well!!

The most awaited event of the season for Udaipurites finally held today, i.e. 13th of Dec, 2012, with lots of pomp and show. The live concert of Punjabi Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh by Evershine Event took place in the Pacific University campus.

A rush of people especially the youth came by to attend this concert with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The show began with RJ Ankit’s gup shup session and few performances by the zealot audience and a dance group.

The audience was eagerly waiting for Honey Singh to felicitate the event as soon as possible, march to the stage quickly and start with his rapping. A patient hour of waiting swept off and the bang of Honey Singh coming or not coming began to startle the hoi polloi.

Eventually, came the moment of arrival of the desi munda Yo Yo Honey Singh along with Alfaaz and J-Star who rocked the stage with their songs like Brown Rang, Angrezi Beat, Gabru, Haye Mera Dil and More.. 🙂

The main event started at around 10p.m. in the night wherein Honey Singh sprinkled a storm of songs for the super delighted fans. Everyone enjoyed and danced to the tunes of rapper.

All the arrangements regarding the event were done pretty good. A swarm of police force was engaged for high security of the world fame rapper and also to control the unwanted and notorious audience from being pain in the neck during the event.

Still, after so much of protection, the only part which was unsatisfactory was the behavior of Udaipurites towards the event. The crowd was not being well mannered or civilized and subsequently created nuisance in the concert by destroying the property of the event organizers which made a seriously bad impact on the guests.

Apart from that, the show went a great hit in its opening session creating a sense of hope and expectation in the minds of Udaipurites for the commencement of many more celebrities in Udaipur in future for such concerts.

Lastly, for those who could not make it to the concert due to any reason and for the ones who were part of the concert, here are some of the snapshots by to glance at. Hope, you enjoy going through them. 🙂


honey singh in udaipur

Honey Singh in Udaipur

Alfaaz performing in udaipur

Honey Singh performing

honey singh rocking the stage

Honey Singh Jumping and Dancing

Mafia Mundeer in Udaipur



Honey Singh Performing on stage

honey singh


RJ Ankit Mathur

DJ Dev Udaipur

honey singh

Honey Singh Event

Honey Singh in Udaipur

Photos by : Mujtaba R.G. , Yash Sharma

By Shuchi Mehta

Hii I am Shuchi Mehta…I hail from the aesthetic city of lakes, Udaipur. Having predilection towards creative work made me write articles for UdaipurBlog. I am a fun loving person and like to travel and socialize with people.

7 replies on “[Exclusive Pictures] Yo Yo Honey Singh in Udaipur”

I couldn’t have agreed more with Mr. Siddharth. The show was THE worst show I could have ever been to. I have been to international concerts (NOT that I am boasting, just for a comparison sake) and the crowd (way more than what was there yesterday) is managed to effortlessly.

People generally swarmed into the VVIP section and gave all kinds of trouble to people who genuinely should have been (and were) there.

I do not understand the concept of chairs for a concert like this. If at all it was a classical concert I get the logic of chairs. At the end of the day people are there to dance and have fun and not sit on chairs and listen to what they call “high volage nos.”. Same with the sections like VVIP, Premium and all.

The list goes on.

And yes all kinds of relatively useless stuff before the show was nothing more than sheer time-waste. I understand the show cannot start right at the mentioned time but show organizers (who were being praised so much, totally not deserving) should have seen into it.

I had hopes celebs would be smitten by the organized way and the behavior (which was THE worst part of the show, with people randomly tearing tents walls and gushing in) but with what i witnessed yesterday, I would rather sit at my home and watch a nice Nolan movie than go over such a unorganized concert.

To sum it up, it was horrible, because even one month’s time wasn’t enough to plan such a small show.

I hope for more planned events in the future.

“patient hour of waiting”
“All the arrangements regarding the event were done pretty good.”
“the only part which was unsatisfactory was the behavior of Udaipurites towards the event.” !!!!! ????
“the show went a great hit”
Think before writing over something already in knowledge of the mass.

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