Mega Plantation Drive VRIKSHAM on 16th July

The statewide plantation campaign VRIKSHAM will be organized on Sunday 16th July where around 3-5 thousands plants will be planted in 261 places around the Rajasthan state.

Organized by the state chapter of Narendra Modi Vichar Manch, Vriksham is believed to be the revolutionary step towards spreading awareness among masses about importance of plants.

Praveen Ratlia, president of Narendra Modi Vichar Manch informed while addressing the media today that the event is scheduled to be held at the land of Technology and Science Department at Hawala Village. District Collector Vishnu Charan Mallik will be the chief guest of event including well known journalist Abhigyan Prakash.


“Plantation will be held in two different phases, one a mass plantation drive at the land of Science and Technology and other will be at various neighborhoods of city where people will do plantation in their colonies”, informed Ratlia.

“We are also providing tree guards to those who are going to do plantation in their areas for the minimum cost of Rs.101 although the actual cost is more than double but to make people responsible we are charging minimum amount.”

Many local organizations like Pukaar, Udaipurek, Udaipurwale Facebook Group,, Rotary Club, Robin Hood Army are supporting the cause.

On Sunday 7.30 AM Plantation will take place everywhere at same time followed by Vriksham Rally.

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