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Our city – Udaipur is completely filled with beauty in and out. And this beauty is not reflected in just its history, culture and its places, but also in its people. There are some gem of the people belonging from Udaipur who, with their hard work and success, have not just made the city but the entire nation proud.

But sadly, with time we tend to forget the accomplishment of such people of the city. The series ‘People from Udaipur you should know about’ tends to glorify the journey of these famous and triumphant people from Udaipur who have become an epitome of success in their lives.


Hari Singh

Hari Singh was a significant brigadier in the Indian army who played a crucial role in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. He was born on 24th October 1922 in Udaipur and went to Bhupal Nobles School for his education. In the year 1941, he joined the army which made him travel to different cities around the world. He went to Indian Military Academy in Dehradun in Feb 1942 and was commissioned in the month of October of the same year.

Source: brigharisingh.abhinayrathore

He was then stationed to the Middle East in 1944 wherein he went to Iran, Iraq, Palestine (now Israel), Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon. Two years later, he went to England in 1946. He only returned to India after World War II was over.

After that, he was selected as an instructor at Indian Military Academy. After serving for two years there, he was appointed A.D.C General-Officer-Commanding 19 Infantry Division in Srinagar, Kashmir. It was in the year 1952 when he was posted to 62 Infantry Brigade Head Quarters.

Source: brigharisingh.abhinayrathore

Notable works

  • In the year 1962, he took part in the operation against China at SELA Pass.
  • 1962 – Took over command of 18th Cavalry
  • Hari Singh commanded the regiment during 1965 operations against Pakistan, in Sialkot sector. During these operations, he was awarded Mention-in-Despatch for gallantry.
  • 1967 – He was promoted to Colonel and was appointed Deputy Commander 1 Armoured Brigade at Patiala.
  • 1969 – Hari Singh was promoted as Brigadier and posted to 5 Mountain Brigade in Arunachal Pradesh.
Brigadier Hari Singh with Governor of Punjab at Pathankot in 1973 | Source: brigharisingh.abhinayrathore

Awards and Recognition

  • Hari Singh was awarded AVSM or Ati Vishisht Seva Medal by the contemporaneous president of India, Mr. Vivi Giri for his outstanding service while in command of the Brigade during Bangladesh operation.


Mr. Singh got retired in the year 1974. After one year, he was appointed as Secretary, Rajasthan Soldier’s board where he remained till 1980. On March 14th, 2003 Mr. Singh bid goodbye to the world leaving imprints of his strong personality.

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