Enjoy the World Tourism Day at Udaipur

world tourism day at udaipur

Today it’s World Tourism Day; an exceptionally important day for tourism in the entire world.

India places itself in the top visited countries by the tourists, thus, Tourism day is momentous to the country. India has for long been a sightseer’s paradise, that the magnificent opportunities it offers the tourists often tend to be overlooked.

The City of Lakes, Udaipur in the historically glorious state of Rajasthan stands in the list of most beautiful places in the world. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations amongst the people. Udaipur being “The Kashmir of Rajasthan” fusing a bundle of wonders in it is one of the destinations which populace of any age would love to visit.

It is the main attraction for the people to stopover and relinquish themselves in the exquisiteness and the essence of this place.

The winsomeness of this city is on its peak after the monsoons as it has overflowing lakes, an ambrosial weather and a lush green environment which also makes it a romantic destination.

A conglomeration of hotels and restaurants with their luxurious and exotic facilities for the tourists is the best part.

Here, sightseeing can be done at various places. Apart from the natural beauty, the heritage culture of Udaipur is also of great importance. Places like The City Palace, the Sajjanghar fort, Baghor ki Haweli, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyo ki Badi etc. preserve a heritage culture and are of great prestige to the people of Udaipur.

Renowned by the numerous lakes present here, some of which are Fatehsagar, Pichola, Swaroop sagar, Govardhan sagar, Udaisagar, Badi lake, Jaisamand, Bada Madaar, Chota Madaar, thus, Udaipur holds a remarkable place in its exotic beauty and culture.

tourism udaipur

Nattiness has become an important issue for the city now days. Lakes are very essential sources for water supply in Udaipur. This lake water is used by the local hoods for drinking and other household purposes.  The basic problem that is arising is related to the sanitation of the lakes. People without caring throw wastes in the water which makes the lakes filthy. This in turn pollutes the water and causes water to stink and increases mosquito breeding in it. This affects the environment to a great extent and leads to health problems in the horde.

Thus, being a tourist destination, the government along with the localites should keep an eye on the sterility of the lakes as well as the surroundings.  They should actively participate in keeping the city clean. The lakes should be regularly cleaned and fogging should be done so as to prevent any mosquito breeding in the water. Trashes should be placed at a fixed distance for proper garbaging. Hoardings for no throwing of wastes in water should be put everywhere in the surroundings of water. Strict actions should be taken against the ones who throw anything in water.

Apart from the lakes, udaipies should try to keep the city green too as the natural beauty of Udaipur has depreciated a lot in the last few years due to the infrastructural development  of the city. Planting as much trees as possible in compensation to the trees cut down for other purposes is the best and the only way to save the natural beauty. Roads should be made wider and tree plantation should be done along their sides.

Also the transport system in Udaipur needs to be paid attention. Besides the train and air services, proper conveyance facilities in the city area itself should be provided for the betterment of the city.

These primary things if kept in mind and followed by every citizen of Udaipur would help a lot in aggravating the elegance and beauty of our city and will ultimately enhance tourism in Udaipur. So, go clean and green.

Well, start contributing your share from today and enjoy the charm, soup and beauty of Udaipur. Once again Happy World Tourism Day to everyone. 🙂



By: Shuchi Mehta

Photos by : Andrey Orlov and Nipun Shrivastava

By Shuchi Mehta

Hii I am Shuchi Mehta…I hail from the aesthetic city of lakes, Udaipur. Having predilection towards creative work made me write articles for UdaipurBlog. I am a fun loving person and like to travel and socialize with people.

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लेखन का सराहनीय प्रयास .
कुछ स्थानों पर कलम की धार को मजबूत किया जाता तो लेख और खूबसूरत बन पड़ता.
शब्द खुद को अधिक मजबूत महसूस करते है जब उनके साथ बंधी भावनाएं सतत बनी रहे,
और भावनाओं का क्रम पाठक के ह्रदय को आंदोलित करे. इस दृष्टि से लेख की लय कही कही टूटी है.
फिर भी प्रयास बहुत अच्छा है. लेखिका को बधाई.

आर्य मनु

Thanks for sharing the post.
Its nice blog. Beautiful pictures. Last month i visited with my family for that i booked my Bus Ticket through ticketgoose.
Thank you,

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