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Divine Heart Society Udaipur

Ever wondered what if you had powers like Superman, Spiderman or gadgets like Batman??When you saw a hero in a movie ever thought maybe you too could save a life?? What if you could save lives?? Would you?? Do you want to become a hero?? Well you can! Want to know how?? The answer is by Donating Blood.

When you donate blood you are better than the movie hero because a hero saves people he knows where as when you donate blood you save people you have never met. Think about it…

The Divine Heart Society mainly aims at making our youth aware about the benefits and necessities of blood donation. With this purpose in mind on Sunday 12th September 2010 the Divine Heart Society organized a blood donation camp at the Udaipur MB (General) Hospital Blood Bank and collected 65 units of blood.

We at DHS are thankful to all our volunteers and donors for their support in this noble cause and also thank the staff at the Blood Bank for their tiring effort to make the event a success. We hope to collect much more blood in our subsequent similar events and for this we request the people of our city to kindly support us in large numbers specially the youngsters.

Guys and Gals of India, it’s time to be a hero… because yes “Together We CAN Create Miracles

At Divine Heart Society, we create heroes…

Article by:-

Ali Asgar Kanchwala

(B.E. Final Yr. IT, CTAE, Udaipur)

DHS Media Coordinator


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