Celebrations of Lohadi and Lal Loi in Udaipur

Lake City has had rich and varied cultural and religious traditions. After their coming to Udaipur the Sikh community contributed to them in its own way. The celebration of Lohadi is an important event in the Sikh calendar.

According to traditional belief, Lohadi falls towards the end of the month of Pausha, generally a day before Makar Sankranti. At this time the season begins to get warmer and the time for harvesting comes closer. The festival heralds the advent of Basant season on Lohadi, people have a bath in holy rivers and lakes and give different things in charity. They visit Gurudwaras to pray.

The name Lohadi originally came from a combination of two word ‘til’ and ‘gud’Tillodi, Later on, it became Lohadi. Due to the transition of the sun in Makar Rashi, the season changes and in turn one becomes more energetic and there is a feeling of joy that leads to celebration.


According to a Punjabi folk tale, there lived a dacoit Dulle Bhatti, who used to rob travelers but he also helped in the marriage of girls. Bhatti became a hero. His name is mentioned in the songs that boys and girls sing near the Lohadi fire. In Sikh families, Lohadi is very important for the newly-wed couples. Dressed gorgeously, they worship the Lohadi fire and seek the blessings of their family and elders. On this day, the newly born child sits in the lap of his mother and members of the family give him gifts and bless him.

At night the mother and the child go and worship the sacred fire of Lohadi. After the worship of Lohadi, ‘Prasad’ in the form of groundnut, ‘gajak’, ‘rewaris’ etc is distributed. Gifts are sent to newly-wed daughters-in-law by her parents. There are ‘Shabad Kirtans’ in Gurudwaras. Nagar Kirtan procession that starts from Gurudwaras passes through different main roads of the town.


The Sindhi communities of Udaipur also celebrate Lal Loi with great enthusiasm. At several places in different parts of the city, Lal Loi made with wood and cow dung is lit and ‘puja’ is performed with great reverence. People go round the fire singing “Kanhaiya Lori Lal Lori, Buchida Lori Lal”. They greet others on this occasion. At some places, Sukhmani path and Satsang is also held.

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