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9 Myths about Udaipur you should clear up!

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful Cities of India, but being in Rajasthan people have so many myths about Udaipur. So takes this initiative to clear them all up.

1. Udaipur is not a Desert:

udaipur is not a desert
Photo by: Tim Makins

Yes its true…!! Udaipur is a part and parcel of Rajasthan but its not at all a Desert. The only sand you will see in Udaipur is outside the new construction sites and no where else. Udaipur is a Green City surrounded by beautiful Aravali hills with beautiful Gardens, Lakes and Water Reservoirs.

Udaipur is “The City of Lakes” and “Venice of East” – Mind it…………!!


2. Not everyone wears a Pagri/Dhoti or Colourful Clothes:

men with turban - udaipur
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Unlike in movies and mindless daily soaps Udaipurites do not wear a Pagri (turban) and dhoti or wear colourful clothes all around. Yes Pagri or Paag as it is called is a traditional wear but not a common wear among the citizens for their daily routine. It is only on the special occasions like marriages people of certain communities wear a paag or pagri.


3. Moustache – “Not every men has it”

men with moustache udaipur
Photo By: April Maciborka

It is not necessary that men from Rajasthan need to keep a moustache. Most men do not keep a moustache. Specially the younger men in their 20’s and 30’s love being clean shaved as other men from various states do.

So next time you see a  Happy Men from Udaipur with no moustache, then do not wonder if there is anything wrong with him – “He is just alright without a moustache and He is loving it”


4. “Balika Vadhu”

They Exist but only in TV Programmes.

balika vadhu udaipur
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It is just a TV Series. Balika Vadhu or Baal Vivah is a thing of past and has no relevance in the current times. Udaipur is a modern City with strong uproots to tradition and culture but its far away from the misdeeds of past.

So next time you visit Udaipur and see a cute/pretty young girl in a traditional dress then please don’t misunderstand her as “Balika Vadhu” she might just be ready for some cultural fest and festivities but she is not a “Balika Vadhu”.


5. “Khamma Ghani” – Not everyone does it

Khamma Ghani
Photo by: Martin Harvey

Khamma Ghani and Ghani Khamma are not a part of daily greetings to the average citizens.

Yes its true and unfortunate that the famous Greetings in Mewari “Khamma Ghani” is not a part of daily greetings for most of the citizens. Hello, Hii and all other English slangs and greetings are what the younger generation prefers. But this one word “Khamma Ghani” has a magical impact and still sounds the most auspicious greetings of all times.

So next time somebody from Udaipur greets you with a just a Hello …. Hi… or Namaste don’t get disheartened.


6. “Daal Baati” – we do not always keep on munching Baatis

dal baati udaipur
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Yes its true that one of the traditional food is Daal Baati and we love it like everybody does. But we do not always keep on munching Baatis every day. We have all sorts of fresh veggies and herbs which we eat regularly. Udaipur is no exception than any other place and we have a lot of variety to eat.

So next time when you come don’t be surprised to see people enjoying all sorts of food stuff from Rajasthani, Punjabi, South Indian, North Indian to Continental, Chinese or others.


7. We are Literates – “Yes almost all of us”

mpuat udaipur

The Literacy rate of Udaipur is high as compared to other cities of Rajasthan and India as well. We have the best of colleges and Universities since the time Udaipur was a Princely State and ruled by the King. The Visionary King Maharana Bhopal itself laid the foundation of providing good education to its citizens the MB College/Science College/BN Sansthan as we know it are all there since very long.

And Yes most of us can speak three languages namely 1. Mewari  2. Hindi and last but not the least English.

So next time when you visit Udaipur and see someone speaking fluent English or clear Hindi then possibly he is from none other place than UDAIPUR.


8. Jeeps and Bullets are not the ONLY Vehicles we posses.

udaipur bullet
Photo Courtesy: Photo of: Yaduraj Singh Krishnawat

As popularly seen on TV channels and International Broadcasts we do not just drive in Jeeps and ride Bullet Bikes. We have a lot more happening on the roads of Udaipur. The Roads of Udaipur are particularly better than most 2-tier towns of India and we have all sorts of Vehicles and four wheelers ranging from Maruti 800 to Land Rovers, Audis, Mercs, BMW’s, Porsche, Bentley and other High end sedans and convertibles. With almost all the popular two wheelers and four wheeler companies having their Showrooms and sales in Udaipur, Udaipur also tops the list amongst two tier town with the highest number of vehicles according to population.

So don’t be too surprised  next time if you see so many High End cars and two wheelers with their number plates starting from RJ – 27 , Yes RJ – 27 means its from Udaipur


9. Last but not the least

banna and baisa
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“Not every guy is called a BANNA and not every girl is titled BAISA

Yes its true the titles of Banna and Hukum exists but not commonly every guy from Udaipur is called or titled a Banna or Hukum.

Dudes are many, but –

“It takes something special to be titled as Banna Hukum or Baisa”

Do visit once and experience it  😉


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Article by: Ronak Chauhan

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