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Lets Synchronize with Nature via Banyan Roots

To put a step forward in the path of sustainable development and with a novel idea to inspire, promote and support all components of our planet and for well-being of Mother Nature, an organic store has been started by enthusiastic youth of the city. They named the organic store as ‘Banyan Roots’ to signify the rebirth of old and deep rooted traditions and moral values.

Banyan Roots | UdaipurBlog

The store provides you with some of the local grains like millet (kangni), wheat, other products such as herbal tea, gooseberry (amla) candy and juice and many more exclusively organic products that are grown without the use of any fertilizers, hybrid seeds and  pesticides. These goods are directly brought to you from the farm eliminating the concept of middle man so that the farmer practicing organic farming gets a justifiable price. The group also encourages the local farmers from time to time to grow more of the organic food for a healthier and happier tomorrow of society.

They indeed also started an open space cum café with an ambience that carries a touch of being close to nature as well as tradition. It is especially for the future of the nation so that they can shape their own different world of creativity. If you are a wanderer and cannot find any place or roof to germinate new ideas or if you are an explorer in need of more space to experiment or even if you want to find the truth about something that is questioning you from inside, then this place is truly made for you only. Banyan roots is a perfect address for such wanderers, explorers and discoverers. Here youth can connect, unite and share their experiences, ideas, views and thoughts with others. Along with getting mental peace and satisfaction, you can also quench your hunger with the delicious and healthy organic food in this café.

Banyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots | UdaipurBlog.comBanyan Roots |

The team of banyan roots whole heartedly wants to welcome you at a place which is created for you at 32/4, Near Fatehpura, Income Tax Office Road, Near Sukhadiya Circle, Udaipur.

Rohit Jain: 9783223520 and Jayesh Mohta: 9772861482 will be happy to solve any further queries of you.


Edited By: Palak Jain

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Udaipur celebrated Jal-Jhulni Ekadashi with great Enthusiasm

According to the Hindu calendar, Gyaras, or Ekadashi is basically, the 11th day of each waxing (Shukla Paksha ) and waning moon (Krishna Paksha).  Ekadashi is the Hindi word which stands for “eleventh. “Ekadashi Upvaas, Vrata or Fasting is considered very important & beneficial for all Hindus, specially women. “Upvaas” means Up – Vaas i.e., to stay close to God. The purpose of fasting is to experience peace & bliss. Eating less enables the mind & body to function more effectively. Hindus observe 24 11th-day fasts during the course of the Hindu year, although some are more important than others. One of them is Jal Julni Ekadashi. Each Ekadashi is held in honor of a different Hindu legend and has specific religious duties associated with it.


This ekadashi, known as Jal-Jhulni Gyaras, or Jal-Jhulni Ekadashi, like all other festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the land of Maharanas i.e. Mewar. In Udaipur, different processions start from the various parts of the city and end at one point i.e. Gangaur Ghat where people use to swing the deities of Lord Krishna in child form(Baal Gopal) in the lake pichola. These procession are called Ram Revdies.

Here are a few clicks by Mujtaba showing this year’s celebration of Jal Jhulni Gyaras in Udaipur








Edited By: Prasun Bannerjee


Tribute to Teachers

What comes to my mind when I think of Ultimate bliss or a perfect gift from god is a “Teacher”. A significant figure in our life who provides us tips, tools, techniques and knowledge to help us expand our consciousness and raise our energetic frequency.

Apart from parents and family a child spends most of the time at school and it is in school that the character of a child is molded. A teacher inculcates values, traditions and principles in every individual’s life for more than 10 years , and these 10 years are the most essential years for the growth . The teacher is like a potter and the child is the clay. They take what is plain vacuum almost, and changes that clay into a stunning pot that can be used and can be helpful in a million ways. By this it implies that the child is given to the teacher by being normal and it is the teacher who actually gives the student’s life some direction.

A teacher is a perfect blend of knowledge, love, guidance, sacrifices and values. A teacher puts in great effort in everything she does for the child. A teacher’s efforts are enormous. A teacher helps us in ascending in life, in the sense that what she plants today in our mind may one day help us become a great person and come up with flying colors.

SRKrishnanLets salute our teachers by honoring them on this great day celebrates Teacher’s day by remembering a leader, the teacher of all teachers Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr S Radhakrishnan was born on September 5th, 1888 in Tiruttani. He is one of the famous Indian philosophers and statesman, his birthday is celebrated as the Teacher’s day. He was the first vice president of India and then became the president in 1962.

Dr S Radhakrishnan started his teaching profession at the Madras Presidency College, he then became the professor of Philosophy by the University of Mysore. His philosophy journals include The Quest, Journal of Philosophy and the International Journal of Ethics. He even wrote books titled “The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore” and “The Reign of Religion in Contemporary Philosophy”.

After serving as the principal at the Harris Manchester College, he later became the Vice- Chancellor of Andhra University. Popularly known as Sarvepalli, he even represented India at UNESCO and later as the Ambassador of the Soviet Union. In 1952, he was elected as the vice president of India. He was the first vice president and the second president.

When his students and friends requested him to celebrate his birthday on September 5th, he suggested them to celebrate this day as the Teacher’s day.

We bring some blessing from all the teachers, teaching the geniuses all round the Lake City !!

Mrs. Shahnaaz B. Doza“The students of today need to be more concerned towards their family, Institutions and nation.”


Mrs. Shahnaaz B. Doza
(Principal, Central Academy (Hiran Magri))



priya bose mam“Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, and respect your parents, teachers and elders.

Learn from your mistakes do not repeat them, and have a beautiful future.”

Mrs. Priya Bose
(Principal, Central Academy (Sardarpura))


preeti mamStudents should learn to be conscious about their deeds, so that they can be good citizens in the future.

Mrs. Preeti Saroha


“Students today need to be more dedicated concerned and aware about their responsibilities.komal mam


Mrs. Komal Maroo


shalini mam“Lead a Self Disciplined Life and rock in everything you do. Gain from every moment of life. Theprimary focus of the students should be to excel in their studies. This is their first contribution to thedevelopment of the nation.”
Mrs. Shalini Dixit


“Student should focus on all round development. He should not only do good in academics but also in other activities.”

– Mr. Puneet Pandya, P.T.I. Central Academy, Sector 5



“In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail. Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t come.”

 – Mr. Dilip Yadav, Director – The Success Point & The Success College


Lets thank those great personalities who have shaped our lives and made us think out of the box .

A positive or negative influence from a teacher early on in life can have a great effect on the life.
Thank you Teachers !! 🙂

Inputs By: Yash Sharma
Edited By: Chani Soni


[Pictures] Swaroop Sagar Overflow 2011

Gates of Lake Swaroop sagar : the lake adjoining lake pichola have been opened and here we have some great pictures of the overflow, UIT pulia and others 🙂 Enjoy………!!!!

As we can’t find any appropriate word to express our feelings.

Check out the Pictures of Swaroop Sagar Overflow 2011 –








Photos and Videos

[Pictures] FatehSagar OverFlows 2011

Finally the Excitement and wait for FatehSagar Overflow ends when fatehsagar overflowed late night around 9.30p.m. (on 3rd September, 2011) meanwhile the confusion arised about the time of overflow as the water was slowly overflowing in the evening too but who cares 😛 Its Overflowing !! Yippe and Congrats to Udaipur and Udaipur Lovers 🙂  🙂

We provided you Best and Fastest news, pictures of overflow of Lakes and we hope you like our efforts 😀

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Last Year Pictures:

Pictures of Swaroop Sagar Overflow:

Here are Some Great Clicks of Yesterday 😀 We will keep adding new pictures of Overflow here 🙂 if you also want to submit your best pictures of overflow you can email us on : and we will feature them with your name.

Here Are Some Pictures By Yash Sharma, Sanjit Chohan and Gaurav Bhattacharya : Date : 4th September, 2011

Sweet Girl enjoying Fatehsagar
The Sweetheart Enjoying FatehSagar 🙂

Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur
Picture by Aayush Devpura , Student , Udaipur

Pictures and Reporting by Mujtaba Rg













Video :


Eid: A Festival of Breaking Fast

Muslims across the country ended their Ramadan fast on Wednesday and began the festivities to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. This Festival marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, and the celebrations mark the conclusion of the twenty nine or thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting , which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramazan with sighting of the moon on Tuesday night.

Thousands of Muslims visited mosques across the Lake City on Wednesday morning to celebrate the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. People gathered at Paltan Masjid, Dholibawadi Masjid, Khanjipeer Masjid and other mosques in different parts of the city to offer prayers. People dressed in the best offered special namaz at the mosque.

Udaipur Bohras, Muslims

About  Eid-ul-Fitr :

The day of Eid-ul-Fitr truly symbolizes holiness, tolerance, courage and godliness.

Arabically Eid means ‘Festival’ and Fitr means ‘Breaking Fast’  considered as one of the major festival for Muslims. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated by feasting on several varieties of ‘sevaiyan’ (vermicilli).

Socially, Eid-ul-Fitr reminds us of the noble human feeling to share the festivities besides embracing people from all walks of life.

Another important aspect of Eid ul Fitr lies in the distribution of charity on the day. Every Muslim who has some means must pay Zakt-al-Fitr, a sum to be donated for the month of Ramadan, to serve Humanity. It has never said that a non-follower of Islam be not helped or sympathized for the simple reason as Allah is not the God of Muslims alone but He is Rehmatullil Aalameen, meaning that He is the God of all people irrespective of their faith, caste, color or creed. It can either be in the form of cash or basic foodstuff, including wheat, barley, dates, raisins etc. It is done to spare a thought to the plight of the poor and is different from the normal Zakat, which is given to purify one’s wealth. Holy Quran recommends giving donation to the poor on this auspicious day, the best time for which is before going to the mosque in the morning, to offer prayers.

Id-ul-Fitr is also a festival that cultivates brotherhood and connections, as people visit each other on this days. Friends, relatives and loved ones are greeted and offered sweets. Gifts are given to children, mostly in the form of money. Sisters and daughters also receive gifts on this occasion. Some Muslims also pay a visit to the graveyard, a custom which is known as ziyarat-al-qubur, to pay homage to the departed souls. Some scholars also believe that the month-long fasting is undertaken to acknowledge the superiority of the spiritual realm over the physical realm. Nevertheless, the spirit of conviviality surrounds the celebrations of Eid ul Fitr throughout the Islamic world.

This day of happiness is also a day of introspection for Muslims who should spare at least some time to see if their actions and character can be assessed favourably in the light of Islamic teachings as to whether they have contributed to the well-being of their fellow beings, non-Muslim brethren and the nation above all.



[Exclusive Pictures] Chota Madaar Lake Overflowed

Hey Udaipur!! What are your Plans this Weekend ?? If not decided yet then we have an idea.


The Msealed2ain source of water in Fatehsagar i.e the Madar Lake (Chhota) finally overflowed this morning bringing smile on the thirsty faces of Udaipies. As the water continues to come from Madar Lake (Bada) and Swaroop Sagar Link Channel the level of Fatehsagar has now reached near to 8 Ft 🙂

The level of  Madar Lake (bada) has now reached 21 feet.


These places are great to enjoy your weekend for a Picnic Spot

We expect to see the magnificent view of the overflow at Fatehsagar in coming a week or two weeks.

We have got some clicks for you 🙂







[Exclusive Pictures] Swaroop Sagar Gates Opened


The gates of our very own Swaroop Sagar is now open. 🙂

Nah nah Don’t be so Happy !! Hold your excitement guys for some more time as it is just a cleaning process by Irrigation Department preparing themselves to release the water to Lake FatehSagar. 😛

After the rains in the city and the suburbs we wish to see these marvelous beauty once again with the clear water flowing very soon.

The Water Level in Various Lakes: (via Patrika and Others)

Dewas : 19ft.

Fatehsagar: 5.7ft.

Pichola: 8.8ft.

Lake Badi: 1.10ft.

Bada Madaar: 22ft.

Chota Madaar: 18.4ft.


Here are some clicks of Today of the Water being released via Lake Swaroop Sagar !! 🙂

sealed 1






[Pictures] Water from Madar inflows to Fatehsagar

The ‘very’ excitement of water coming into Lake fatehsagar finally gets completed after a wait of a Month of Low Monsoon 🙂

After a heavy rain during the day time in various part of the city the gates of madar were finally opened to allow the inflow of water into lake fatehsagar 🙂  Udaipies gathered at at the Dewali Chhor of Fatehsagar to see the exclusive influx of water into our FS 🙂 We hope it overflows soon and the monsoon persist for a much longer time as it cheated us this year with delay 😛

Here are some of the pictures I clicked just for my Udaipur and UdaipurBlog team 🙂 Enjoy

Events News

Water Sport Activities at Fatehsagar Organized by MLSU

Mohan Lal Sukhadia University(MLSU) on its Golden Jubilee year has organized a 2 day event of adventure water sport activities on 11th and 12th August at Fatehsagar. This event was inaugurated by Prof. I.V. Trivedi (Vice Chancellor, MLSU). MLSU is the first ever university to organize such Water Sport event for students. The event is open for all the regular students of 170 colleges affiliated with MLSU. The interested students can collect the forms from the Sports Council of MLSU 🙂

Here are a few glimpses of The Event captured by Gaurav Mehta 😀