Attain Internal Peace with Muni Lalit Prabh Ji and Muni Chandra Prabh Ji

Udaipur once again feels honored to host the most renowned saints of Jain religion- Muni Lalit Prabh Ji and Muni Chandra Prabh Ji.These Jain saints are here for about one and a half month and will bless us with their spiritual and devotional words throughout their stay in Udaipur during this chaturmas.People from all over India are coming here for their pravachans and to get their blessings. There is so much enthusiasm and excitation among the people here that more than one lakh invites have been done in Udaipur alone.

The followers of Jainism as well as other religions have an ultimate faith in them. This could be well figured out in the grand welcoming of Lalit Prabh Ji and Chandra Prabh ji at Bapu Bazar on 10th July 2011.

Many of the followers were present there just to have a glimpse of them. They moved to Jain Dharamshala , Hatipole in a huge rally with a great pomp and show. In his rally, there were 5 elephants, 11 horses, 11 chariots, 5 bands and many women carrying 1008 ‘kalasha’ on their heads. People showered petals on him all over the way and some of them even washed their feet.

The Main Organizers of the whole event were Mr.Kalu Lal Jain and Arihant Property Dealer along with the Sakal Jain Samaj. Mrs.Rajni Daangi, the chairman of Nagar Parishad, Udaipur lighted the lamp.They will be staying in Udaipur till Diwali and their Pravachan starts sharply at 8.45 am at Town Hall, Udaipur and everyone is welcomed there.

Hope their pravachans will inspire all the Udaipurites deeply and their preachings will help you to attain inner peace and will give a break to your jet paced life and will make it meaningful n worth living.


Written by Ipra Jain

Photographs by Yash Sharma





5 responses to “Attain Internal Peace with Muni Lalit Prabh Ji and Muni Chandra Prabh Ji”

  1. yash sankla jain Avatar
    yash sankla jain

    guru dev ki pravachan ki viedio dekhi bhaut prabhavit hua
    gurudev ke charno me pranam

  2. adeeb jain Avatar
    adeeb jain

    positive, modern & integrated approach to Jainism

  3. giridhari Avatar

    namaskar to lalit prabha
    apaka pravachan ati uttam aur manav uttathan ke liye atyavashk hai.
    ata ham ghar men hi parana aur sunana chahate han .saste aevam saral upaya batayen.
    jayatu jinam

  4. sonali Avatar

    where do we get the cds of shri lalit prabh ji maharaj

  5. bhima Avatar

    guraji bhut bhut parnam apke parvchn ne to jindgi badal di apko bhut bhut tenkyu

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