Art of Bicycle Udaipur: The True Art of Exploring Lies Here!

Art of Bicycle Udaipur
In this life of immense stress, people try to find a way to escape from their hectic, busy schedule to spend quality time enjoying the heavenly beauty and calmness of Mother Earth. If you are waiting for that opportunity and luckily, if you are a localite or visiting Udaipur for the same purpose, then there is some great adventure waiting  for you in the lap of nature.

It has also been established with a motive to create awareness among people to opt for more salubrious means and enjoy the wonders around on paddles rather than motors.

There are a number of trips planned covering the regions of and nearby Udaipur with different packages as per the convenience of the people. All the arrangements are completely done by the organization.

The endeavour to promote such a thing is a laudatory act. Many people have started to appreciate their efforts for introducing an idea which is notably a new concept for the local people. Furthermore, global travellers are already delighted to find an option of their choice and they are taking full advantage of this opportunity to traverse and enjoy the aesthetic scenery around.

A bunch of our team members got the opportunity to encounter one of the short but magnificent rides. Although it was a quick trip of mere 30 kilometers but it definitely became one of the most memorable expeditions of our lives.

Our journey started with an ambition and an excitement to explore, drench ourselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature. We paddled are ways from the heart of old city. As we were moving forward, the feeling of freedom and adventure was escalating and imbibing in us more and more.

The main beauty of our trip was that we reached the known destinations taking the lesser known routes. We covered the beautiful areas of Dudh talai, lake Pichola, Sisarma village, Badi village and Badi lake, some other villages, Rani road, ambamata and finally back to old city. This whole trip took a lump some of three hours including brief halts at Pichola and Badi lakes.

Our spirits were high and our track was a mixture of slopes and ascents and pit holes ( :P) and what not but it didn’t let us demotivate in achieving our targets. We continued to race with one another and reached our first stop of Lake Pichola’s under construction New Paal. It was a happy moment for all of us to reach our first destination with full zest.

We had a nice photography session out there before we got back for our remaining journey. ☺

Art of Bicycle Udaipur

The sun was getting brighter every min and the day was getting hotter but nevertheless we didn’t care much about the weather and finally after crossing the long wavy roads of Sisarma and some other villages, we accomplished our first phase of the excursion.

We had a nice time quietly watching and exploring the little activities being carried out in and around the lake.  The sereneness of the place was such that not even the sun could let us stop from enjoying the aura of the surroundings. ☺

Art of Bicycle Udaipur

Eventually, after sometime, we again got back to track. Now, it was time for the homecoming. Taking another route (covering some villages, Rani road and ambamata) we ultimately reached our final destination back to the old city.

This expedition turned out to be one of the best episodes of our lives. It was not just about cycling or about exploring different places or even about nature but it also brought a self realization in us about importance of life. Any work can be important for oneself and if one does it with complete dedication and zeal, one would definitely achieve what one wants.

We would definitely recommend everyone to go for an ART OF BICYCLE trip soon and earn a splendidly different experience.

Art of Bicycle Udaipur

Team UdaipurBlog wishes good luck to all the folks who are putting in great efforts to promote the organization. For more details you can visit

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Hii I am Shuchi Mehta…I hail from the aesthetic city of lakes, Udaipur. Having predilection towards creative work made me write articles for UdaipurBlog. I am a fun loving person and like to travel and socialize with people.

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Hello! My daughter is coming there. Your stories and perspectives are fresh and full of new life for an ancient culture and city. I would like her to meet you! Thank you for your contributions. I enjoy your insights very much.

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