Udaipur Nagar Nigam Committee Heads Announced

In a board meeting held on Monday, 20 January 2020, Udaipur Nagar Nigam announced the names of the committee heads as below:

  1. Finance Committee – Ruchika Chaudhary
  2. Health & Hygiene – Paras Singhvi
  3. Health Committee Old City – Veni Ram Salvi
  4. Electricity Committee – Hemant Bohra
  5. Old city Committee – Kuldeep Joshi
  6. Building Permit Committee – Ashish Kothari
  7. Construction Committee – Tara Chand Jain
  8. Slum Reforms – Devendra Sahu
  9. Women Development – Rekha Utwal
  10. Rules Committee – Sonika Jain
  11. Crimes Mitigation Committee – Mayor GS Tank
  12. Goshala Committee – Bhanwar Singh Deora
  13. Encroachment Committee – Chogalal Bhoi
  14. Garden Committee – Mahesh Dwivedi
  15. Revenue Committee – Arvind Jaroli
  16. Heritage Committee – Madan Dave
  17. Broadcast Media Committee – Chandrakala Bolya
  18. Garage Committee – Manohar Chaudhary
  19. Disaster Management Committee – Mahendra Bhagora

These committees will be working towards developing basic facilities at a local level.

By Neha Tare

A Content Writer at UdaipurBlog who has worked as a marketing professional for many startups. The post-grad in Advertising and Public Relations enjoys travelling, exploring, learning, reading and writing.

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