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“How will you travel alone?”, “Who will be there to accompany you?”, “No, it’s risky, so go with your parents or any family member.” These sorts of comments are always encountered by every woman at every stage of life. It’s an underlying problem that a woman has to face when it’s about traveling or getting to explore something new. And, to break this stereotypes a revolutionary concept has bloomed in the air of Lake City – TravlOnCards. An initiative considered by Monika along with her co-founders Shikha, Nidhi and Ankit to let woman travel by herself and explore the world that’s waiting for her to fly high.

And, by catching up in conversation with Founder Monika and Co-founder Ankit, we got to know much interesting stuff that is adjoined with women traveling.



Why the name TravlOnCards and, from where this idea got its vision?

travl on cards udaipur

TravlOnCards is basically a woman group tour concept which somehow resembles the surprise that is hidden on your cards. Just like a tarot card reading or Horoscope which usually depicts things that are more likely to happen. And, if a woman really wishes to travel but has always been into the stigma of how, when, and with whom, this is what we are answer and of course a desire to let her begin with the trips that she always dreamed of.

Since college, we have seen this genuine concern that woman can’t travel like guys often do. A stigma is attached with females in our Indian society is she can’t travel by herself. Almost every woman whether she is single, married, professional, aged, or unprivileged has to face this point somehow in life. Moreover, women are always confine in four-walls of their home or kitchen and if she is a working women or a mother, she has added responsibility of kids, career and home. All these things take away the opportunity of women to travel, to explore, to connect with new people, culture and learn something new.That’s why to break this thought and to let women explore herself out of her routine responsibilities; we started with Women #Travel VentureTravlOnCards – Only and only for the women, by the women, and of the women.”


The primary motive behind this concept of traveling is outrageous? How is it beneficial to women?

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“This is quite often that women are always tied up with the responsibilities in every phase of their life. During their college days or school, they are not so permitted to travel even with friends. And, then after marriage, they are always bound to the never-ending schedule. So, to give a break to women we focussed on this concept that let’s make woman travel. Out of this counterpart, every lady can enjoy through group trips by being absolutely safe with our team. Apart from all this, our above scenario is not only concentrated towards traveling only, but we also make them learn new things and meet new inspirational people at the place who are somehow changing the place and vision of culture through their efforts. And, by being with us women not only explore themselves but they also get to know what’s upcoming and how they can bring that change at their own place. Of course, girls and ladies can also interact with each other and be friends which are less happening in social media communication. Almost all women who have travelled with us have become friends with each other.”


In the name TravlOnCards, you guys skipped the word ‘E’ any reason associated with it?

“We skipped the “E” in the travel, because we feel that all the Essential E’s of life are missing, so together we decided to get back the Excitement, the Energy, the Enthusiasm, and Everything that gives every woman Everlasting cherishing lifetime memories. By going on a trip, she can not only discover new things, but she can relax, meet new people, and make friends as well.”


With this concept on an initial base do you got any women travelers from Udaipur?

travl on cards udaipur

“Yeah, at the very initial stage, few of the women got interested, and they took a trip with us to Leh-Ladakh. And, we also got reviews on our Social Medias which were quite happening that they actually enjoyed and felt good to built memories for themselves. From the outside zone of Rajasthan in Ahmedabad, we have one more branch that looks up back-end works, from there also we got many girls and ladies interested in trips organized by us. So, we took them to Kerala where we also held cultural learning for them.

Initially, when we were doing pilot projects 2.5 years back, we took our first few trip to the nearby places in Rajasthan at Jaipur and Jodhpur. Then, through their appreciable reviews, we also got many other women who were interested in taking trip to Leh Ladakh, Goa, Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Kasol, and Himachal. Till now approx. 50+women (of age group 15 to 55) have traveled with us.”


What are the traveling packages, duration, and expenses that women can look into your tours before planning?

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“We have the certain packages for every woman like if they prefer luxurious trips then we get to arrange trips for them in which we include their visit at lavish stay accompanied with shopping destinations and other leisure’s. Then, we have in our list Backpacking trips for those who love to travel like foreigners and don’t prefer too much off expenses. In that same series, we have adventurous trips that include all the extreme sports like gliding, surfing, and many more. Then, for something relaxing and to change overall personalities of females, we have wellness trips as well in which there are chances to explore the places that are calm, serene, and are completely into the nature’s view that have remain unexplored till now. So, we have divided the sections completely according to trips essentials. Around all that, minimum duration of packages is 4-5 days and maximum duration is 10-12 days as per groups.

In consideration to expenses, every travel plan is different as per the sections. Whether it’s a luxurious trip or backpacking one, we try to maintain reasonable costs for our travellers, keeping their safety & security as our top most priority along with comfort and quality.”


Do you have any benefits for the unprivileged women in your travelling services?

“For the women who are financially weak or physically handicapped, we are soon to come up with the small trip in future. As, sometimes it’s not possible for us to sponsor whole trip. So, we are in conversation with the people who can help out to give privilege to these women who want to travel but are uncertain with some financial and physical conditions. And, we will often look for the talented ones which are going to be easy for us to let them take the advantage on the base of their skills.”


Where are you heading next with your upcoming trips for women out there?

thailand trip travl on cards

“As a women, we love beaches, we love snow-covered hills, we love adventure, partying, dancing, shopping, spa and all, so very soon, we are heading to what we call “Maldives of India: Andaman (8th Dec 2016, 6Days-5Nights), Thailand (6th Jan 2017, 7Days-6Nights), Bhutan, Sri-Lanka, Bir-Billing, Goa, Leh-Ladakh, Hong Kong and many other places including various Indian & European destination in coming months. Along with that, we are also coming up with an interesting Entrepreneur trip in the month of Jan 2017 which is exclusive for women entrepreneurs of India who have a well-established business or have been something unique with their start-up concept, the motive of these women entrepreneurs trips is to change the way entrepreneurs meet and connect. This platform of exclusive trips for women entrepreneurs will not only give them a chance to relax, but to also interact, connect and learn with other like-minded and proactive entrepreneurs in real life (unlike just social media connection). Women from different states, industries, sectors, will get an opportunity to discuss their ideas, share their challenges and their entrepreneurial journey on this trip, which will not only add to their experience, but will also help them in having new approach towards their venture And, for more details, anyone can go on our Facebook page to explore and travel with us.”

andaman toc women group tour


That’s incredible we can say!! As giving women a confidence to travel, traverse the world, and let know she side on a safe note is what every female desire for. So, all the females out there, do you love to travel? Then begin your wanderlust journeys’ with TravlOnCards – Women Group Tour Company.

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