This Is How Avani Sansthan Is Raising A Helping Hand For People In Every Possible Way

Happiness is in giving. And, being a helping hand to someone needy is the best you can do in your life. This gesture of influencing others to help needy ones is taking an urge with Avani Sansthan, a Non-government organisation based in Udaipur and working angels in our society for seven years.

Holding their dignity with social services, they have accomplished so much in their entire voyage to bring the change with small efforts every single time.


When we went up to meet the authorities of Avani Sansthan, Mangu Khan, Govind Paneri, and Dr Gaurav Agarwal they revealed us about the entire working of Avani Sansthan in their persistence with the joint endeavours.

Story of Avani Sansthan


The successful journey of Avani Sansthan has been implicitly working and growing for all the needy people specially urchins, down trodden, slum dwellers, and much more, who are not so privileged when it comes to necessities. And, when we asked Mangu Khan about the initiation and objective, he elaborated firmly about their efforts,

“We are working since 2010, but Avani Sansthan made its registration and got certified under the Rajasthan Co-operative Society Registration Act 1958 in the year 2012.

Our Sansthan always had a firm belief to nurture the unfortunate ones with love, care, and support evolved from society. Because, nothing can be accomplished beyond destiny but through contribution towards betterment, you can bring a smile on someone’s face, living in unbearable conditions of life.


That’s why we make our reach to the villages on the outskirts of Udaipur like Pipliya Ji, Jhadol, Dodawali, Iswal, and so on to provide them necessary things like blankets, food items, clothes, shoes, bags, books, etc. that are given by people as a donation.”

Pledge of Avani Sansthan

After knowing about the beginning, Govind Paneri pleasantly described the aim of this non-government organisation.

“We are focused on making a significant change through the little. And, for this purpose, our efforts are conjoined with donators and patrons for the major issues.


  1. We help and bestow confidence such women who have been disowned by their families – irrespective of their age & reason for their misfortune. By supporting them to move out of their painful conditions, we motivate them to become independent and live with dignity by rendering all possible assistance they require.
  2. Working to pour of the best efforts, our foundation extends aid to those unfortunates new born kids in our rehabilitation, who are abandoned by their parents due to poor economic conditions.
  3. And, our primary efforts mark into the education and clothing to the ones, living in slums, to better their lot in life.”

Social Aspects That Avani Sansthan Look Into

According to Dr Gaurav Agarwal, we also got to know that Avani Sansthan proceeds ethically and elaborated,


“Our organisation works up for the multiple social aspects and different sections of the society. But, some of the follow-ups, we regularly look are

  1. Raising funds for the national and social causes like Floods, Tsunami victims, Earthquake victims, etc. and imparting educational assistance to the ones who cannot afford studies in the rural zones.
  2. Support for crèches as we have seen many orphan children and kids roaming on streets who are left to die and suffer from horrible situations that we cannot even imagine.
  3. Ensure treatments of needy people by providing Medical assistance through generated funds.
  4. Distributing clothes in the rural areas, to fill their basic need.
  5. Training and education to less privileged in self-employment schemes and also giving them assistance for the purchase of land to work or establish something on their own.

And, most probably our good selves relies on to the liberty and will of people to contribute as per their wish to our organisation.”

Remarkable Deeds Of Avani Sansthan

As per our consistent conversation with all of them, authorities also let us discover the commendable achievements that are made by this non-government organisation so far.


“On the regular basis, we perform the activities by going in hand with the ones who want to volunteer or wanted to donate something on their memorable days. Through our efforts, till date, we have managed to provide monetary aid as well essential things to the number of poor regions in and around Udaipur.

There is no precise count of the amount as donation regularly goes into the education, medical, and self-employment assistance in the rural and not so fortunate areas.

Apart from a district, Avani Sansthan also contributed a specific amount for the flood victims of Uttarakhand into the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, for which we also received appreciation from the collector of Udaipur.”

Any On-Going Project People Can Connect With

“Right now, our foundation has come up with the services where we have raised helping hand for the girls and women, who live in rural sectors and willing to work or being independent by earning on their own.

ngo in udaipur

So, for this keen purpose, we have Silai Prakshishan Kendra under process, where we have bought 30 sewing machines to let women earn through their tailoring skills. And, it will be executed by 1st quarter of 2018.

Also, we are giving job assistance to girls, who have excellent skills of Mehendi and henna designing. So, people can hire them and pay for their artistic work as a genuine contribution.

And, this Sunday on 6th August 2017, we are arranging a Tree Plantation Event, which will be held in Udaipur in a government school near Kodiyat Road where individuals can contribute through their valuable approach. They can join us and volunteer for a good cause with their family and friends in the respective event.”


Udaipurites! If you are willing to perform a simple deed to change to rescue the charitable change, this Rakshabandhan, you have a chance to plan up and show your part by volunteering for change, supporting through your donations or planting a tree for implementing a step towards the eco-friendly environment.

If you want to know more about Avani Sansthan, you can connect with them on Facebook, or you can also browse through their website

Or, for direct call, you can contact their helpline number: +91-9414233126, +91-9829830107, +91-9929843206.

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