What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

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Udaipur has a picturesque cityscape. Whether you live in Udaipur or are planning a trip here, your stay isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted the authentic taste of Udaipur! Here we are listing some of the ‘must-try’ dishes, and places under what to eat in Udaipur, and where?

Street food

For all those of you who love to eat ‘street food’, here is a list of top spots, which according to us must be in your checklist to have a gala time eating street food in Udaipur.

  • Kachoriiiiiiiii

Not afraid of eating oily stuff? Here is your pick-Kachori!! The best kachoris of the city are here. Dip them into relishing ‘Hari- Chutney’ and find yourself lost in the melting taste. Drooling? Aren’t you!

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Lakshmi Sharath

#UBTip: Add curd to it and thank us later.

 Where: At Lala Mishthan Bhandhar Opposite KeematRam and Paliwal ki kachori Near Jagdish Temple

  • Anda Bhurji

For the EGG-LOVERS, Anda Bhurji at Chetak is a paradise. You might have to stand in a queue but the taste is worth the wait. The guy will serve the best anda bhurji that accompanies with a packet of bread.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Eccentrips

#UBTip: Try Tandoori Omelet there, that’s another famous dish!

Where: Chetak circle opposite old chetak cinema

  • Chaaaaat!

Love eating ‘Teekha’? The yummy Chaat at Shiv Shakti is a dream-come-true for the spicy side of you. Dahi Chaat is the most famous and the tastiest snack he gives.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Ask him to add some more ‘Dahi’!!

Where: Shiv Shakti Chat, Bapu Bazar

  • Vada Pav

Hungry? Need a quick snack? Vada Pav is your ultimate pick. A small shop somewhere between chetak and Hathi pole road serves the best Vada Pav in just rupees 10. One of the cool things about this vada pav is its packing, yes do try, and watch the amazing quick wrapping of the pav…haha!!

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Taste of City

#UBTip: Take a glass of Chaach, which is also served here for just rupees 5!

Where: Poornima Vada pav- Chetak-Hathipole Road

  • Pani Puri

Tired of tasting the same old flavor of Pani puri? Your savior is here! This pani puri stall named 5 Flower Pani Puri gives you the best five flavors to try, all classic in their own way. He’ll give you Lehsun, Heeng, Khatta (Extreme Khatta), Meetha, and finally, Pudeena flavored paani.

#UBTip: Try the Heeng Pani, you’ll surely love it.

Where: Five-Flower Pani Puri- Opposite Big Bazaar, near Sukhadia Circle

  • Aloo Bada

Aloo bada is quite famous everywhere. So, there is one spot in Udaipur which will serve you this mouthwatering stuff at a nominal price and great taste; it is Pandit Ji.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?


Where: Pandit Ji opposite RCA college

  • Jalebi

Enough of the spicy food! Time to TICKLE YOUR SWEET TOOTH!!! This eatery is placed amidst the chaotic city center, Delhi gate. Relish drool-worthy Jalebis here.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Taste of City

Where: Bhole Mishthan Bhandar, Delhi Gate

  • Cold Coffee

The thirst-quenching cold coffee is a must try, especially when you are sitting at Fatehsagar. This is one of the most famous outlets in Udaipur and the oldest one also.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try the famous kullhad coffee also

Where: Vinod Coffee, Fatehsagar

Make your boring evenings lit up! Udaipur has an abundance of cafés which are pocket-friendly and serve some really toothsome snacks. Enlisted below are some of the most sought-after cafés in the city which are filled with kicking aromas of fresh bread and mouthwatering beverages. Have a look!


  • Jheel Ginger Coffee bar near Ganguar Ghat

Much acclaimed café of the city; it is famous for its seating near the Jheel (lake) Pichola and hence the name. It serves the great Paneer sandwiches and fresh lime soda.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

#UBTip: Try to find a place back side of the café, facing the lake (It’s Great!!)

  • Z27 by Café Lake city at Gangaur Ghat

Having an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, Z27 by Café Lake City is a great place to sit and relax. The food is great and is served very beautifully. They also serve you at the Gangaur Ghat on request.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

#UBTip: Try a smoothie or a pizza or a burger….the list can be endless!

  • Apple delight café at Celebration Mall

Apple delight is a great place to chill while you shop at the Celebration Mall. You’ll find the best shakes and beverages.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source:udaipur times

#UBTip: Try Heavens delight shake and Bourbon Shake, trust us you’ll love them.

  • Stories Less Told at Madhuban

It is a newbie in the café zone in Udaipur but has a nice ambiance to chill with your friends. You’ll find a green cold/hot coffee here which is the USP of this place.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try noodles out there, you’ll love it.

  • Oladar Village Café at Gulab Bagh

Unmatched interiors! Yes, once you visit this place you’ll never want to compare any interior with it. The food is also good.

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: Oladar Villlage Cafe

#UBTip: Click.Click.Click. The interiors are awesome; get some good pictures, my friend.

  • Shakes and bites at Saheliyon ki Bari

Crazy about Oreos? You’ll love the Oreo shake here. Believe us; it serves one of the best shakes in the town.What to eat in Udaipur, and where?

#UBTip: Try hazelnut shake, it’s awesome too.

The final segment is for those who wish to have some privacy and to spend a little good time with their loved ones, family or friends on a breezy evening in Udaipur. Enlisted below are the top Restaurants that are sure to leave your taste buds wanting for more.


  • ShouryaGarh- Swayamwar Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: hungary dunia

The restaurant at Shouryagarh is quite appealing. It has a theme of ‘Swayamwar’ and carries the same name. The restaurant is unique and is one of a kind in Udaipur as it has a revolving panel on which the seating is done. The panel or seating takes roughly an hour to complete its one round.

Where: Near Shilpgram, Rani Road

  • Chunda Palace- Royal Cuisine Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Oyster Hotel Reviews

Want to get served as royalty? Chunda Palace has a great regal ambiance. The look and feel of the place make you feel like you are in a royal Rajasthani palace. It’s for all those who wish to enjoy palatial comfort Chunda Palace is the place meant for you.

Where: Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Main Road

  • Panna Vilas-Palanquin Restaurant

What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
Source: trip advisor

It is a deck restaurant. Amazing view of the Lake Fatehsagar makes this place worth a shot. The ambiance is super cool and the food is a must try. It is quite a famous restaurant in Udaipur.

Where: Rani Road near Mahakal Mandir

  • Raj Darshan- Ambar Restaurant

    Source: trip advisor

The restaurant is a classy Multi-Cuisine Restaurant serving Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies. It is a rooftop restaurant that has a great ambiance and superb food. Go with your family or friends and spend some good time.

Where: Pannadhai Marg, Hathipole

  • Upré by 1559 AD

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: 1559 ad

Upré is a rooftop restaurant, located on the terrace of Lake Pichola Hotel with a majestic view of the waterfront. The amazing view of the City Palace of Udaipur makes dining at Upré a vivid experience.

Where: Lake Pichola Hotel, Roof Top, Outside Chand Pole

  • Amet Haveli-Ambrai Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Hotel Amet Haveli

Perfectly located on the western banks of the Lake Pichola, Ambrai has its charm. The food is great and so is the ambiance. Ideal for a candlelight dinner. Make a plan to Ambrai today itself!

Where: Amet Haveli, outside Ambamata Scheme – A Road, Chand Pole

  • Lalbagh Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Gobymobile

For the non-vegetarian crowd, Lalbagh is bliss. Though it serves vegetarian as well, it is much known for its non-veg cuisine.

Where: 65, M.G. College, Near Daulat Chambers, Sardarpura

  • Tribute Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: trip advisor

As the name indicates the restaurant is a tribute to Chetak, the legendary horse of Maharana Pratap. The restaurant offers a view of the Rang Sagar Island that has the breeding Colonies of the Resident and winter migratory birds; offering bird watching.

Where: Behind Monika Complex, Near Amba Mata Temple, Rang Sagar

  • Raghumahal- Flames Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: raghumahalhotels

Flames is a multi-cuisine restaurant and is one of the best in Udaipur. Talk about service, experience or food, Flames is among the best!

Where: Saraswati Marg, Kumharon Ka Bhatta, Central Area

  • Raasleela Restaurant

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: RaasLeela

Raasleela supremely located on the banks of Lake Pichola with a panoramic view of Jagmandir, City Palace, and the Lake Palace. It is situated adjoining to the Leela Palace and has a breathtaking ambiance. Ideal for a candlelight romantic dinner, it has some amazing delicacies.

Where: Sony Ji ki Bari, Adjoining the Leela Palace, Outside Chandpole

  • Udaipuri

    What to eat in Udaipur, and where?
    Source: Venuezz

An ideal place to have some decent food, Udaipuri serves vegetarian food (primarily Rajasthani Delicacies). It is a nice place to have a family gala dinner.

Where: 1st Floor, Hotel Orbit Building, Moksh Marg, Shastri Circle


Feel free to recommend any place you like and also tell us the specialty of the place as well!


5 Dhabas in Udaipur worth visiting

Udaipur is home to scintillating scenery, some of the world’s best hotels, and a rich culture that keeps you mesmerized your entire life. Anything and everything in Udaipur is much talked about all over the world, but some of us are yet not familiar with the ‘dhabas’ (roadside restaurants generally situated on highways that serve local cuisine) situated in the vicinity of the city. And that’s why we were on the lookout for some worth visiting once, while you are in town. What are you even waiting for? Hop on your vehicles and head straight to one because the weather cannot get any better than this.

Charan Kamal Dhaba, N.H 8, Ahmedabad Highway

5 dhabas in Udaipur worth visiting once

Situated approximately 15kms from the city, this pure vegetarian dhaba is as happening as it gets. Drop over some time and enjoy their mouth watering laccha parathas with paneer tikka masala, dal fry and relive the experience of highways of Punjab. The owner Mr. Amritpal Singh Daurka is a jolly one and defines his Punjabi thali and cheese butter masala best in town. The average cost of dining for two people comes around ₹200-225/- and they operate till midnight. So now you know where to satisfy your midnight cravings that too at an affordable price. (Drive safe though!)


Harsh Jodhpur Restaurant, N.H 8, Opp. Lodha Filling Stn.

2. Harsh Jodhpur
If you are a Rajasthani food buff and want to savor some delicacies then this is the place for you. Located 6km from the heart of the city, this pure veg spot serves appetizing stuffed capsicum, malai pyaaz and laccha paratha and are open till midnight. Some of the specialties include stuffed tomato, besan gatte ki sabzi and kadhi pakoda. It has one separate air conditioned room if need be and is low in your pocket with dining costs for two between ₹250-300/-


Khalsa Pure Veg, 837 – University Road5 dhabas in Udaipur worth visiting once

Tired of driving on the highways looking for dhabas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted with this great place situated right in the city. Mr. Kartar Singh ji ( the owner who is as lovely as his food) boasts of best in town dal makhani, paneer tikka and kulche chole. They even home deliver food across the city and have recently started a tiffin service at a very reasonable price. Cost of dining here would be approximately ₹300-350/- but it is worth spending every penny.


Bal Bal To, 100 ft. road, Opp. Connaught Place5 dhabas in Udaipur worth visiting once

We realized how many of you must’ve gotten bored with the pure vegetarian options so we thought of giving this recently opened place a try. This place has the set-up of a typical dhaba with a very interesting Mewari name which means ‘Hot-hot’, and they sure keep up with the name serving some amazing non-vegetarian dishes with specialties like Fish Lasuni, Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Masala, etc. They also serve vegetarian dishes and have a dedicated menu for diet-conscious people consisting of Lemon Chicken, Veg Saute, Lemon Fish, etc. The owner Mr. Prashant Tak tells us they too have a home delivery facility across town and that average food for two would cost around ₹300-350/-


Shreenath Kathiyawadi, N.H 8, Balicha Bypass5 dhabas in Udaipur worth visiting once

Is it even an authentic dhaba experience if we do not have to take out our cars/bikes to travel to the place? Situated 8kms away from the main city, Kathiwadi food aficionados have a great place to visit just out of town. They serve Kathiyawadi thali along with several other thali options like Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. The owner Mr. Ramesh Gurjar tells us they operate 24*7 throughout the year and serve the best kathiyawadi food anywhere around. The average cost of dining for two is approximately ₹250-300/-

Article by : Akshat @UdaipurFoodie