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Weekend Hangout Spot – Haldi Ghati

Sunday, Rain and Haldi Ghati – Its all That One Needs!

Finally, the long awaited rainy Rains are now in Lakecity. 2 days of continuous showers has soaked the city; the dampness of air and land has added to its magnetism; Lakes have attained the allure of late teens, frenzied n yet so beautiful, as if someone has added magic water in them; the weather is just perfect – no more scorching sun, just dark clouds and cold air ready to mesmerize every soul. And with this loving downpour, here comes our favorite Sunday J isn’t it a perfect combo – Rain and Sunday??

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So this weekend let’s hangout with these dripping showers and drizzling air at a place which, even after having witnessed one of the most furious battle in history, can chant anyone with its enticing panorama. Yes, it’s none other than the “Haldi Ghati”, a terrain south west of Nathdwara, where gallant Maharana Pratap and his troops fought heroically against the forces of Emperor Akbar; the blood that was shed to safeguard their land was so much that it turned the color of soil to red. The feeling of standing on a land of merciless battle and thousands of deaths is sure to send shudders all over the body.

How to reach there:

Haldi ghati is 40 kms, by road, from Udaipur. You are sure to love the drive to Haldi Ghati; a narrow pass in the Aravali ranges, the soil all painted in yellow and the raindrops on windshield – it’s gonna be a perfect long drive… But but but be careful while driving on wet roads, they can be slippery.

What else to see:

A ‘Chattri’ is made out of delicate marbles in the memory of the loyal horse of Maharana, Chetak, who breathed his last breath only after leaving his master at a safe place. This Chattri is situated about 4 kms from Haldi ghati. Nearby, there is a village ‘Balicha’ famous for its terracotta crafts. You can also fill your mouth with the taste of original rose water and ‘Gulkand’ by visiting Badshahi Bagh.

So what are you waiting for?? Take your keys and start off for a rain drive and a trip into the glorious history of Mewar. Don’t forget to take random snaps and share them with us. Happy Rains and Happy Sunday Udaipies…!!