Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #1

udaipur news tid bits

#1 Udaipur Celebrates Celebrity Walk-ins

Udaipur celebrated many celebrities’ visits this week. Tollywood’s film actress Anita Has Nandini visited Udaipur on her private journey. She enjoyed scenic beauty of Udaipur and roamed the city and did a lot of shopping. She expressed her gratitude towards Udaipur’s beauty, simplicity and royal hospitality that she had experienced in the city; over social media. Similarly ‘Ye Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai’ fame Akshara, real name Heena Khan also took a stride in Udaipur few days ago. Next to the series the ‘Utaran’ fame Ichchha, Teena Dutta, was in Udaipur yesterday. She had come to inaugurate a women’s outlet in Udaipur. The famous Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt also came to Udaipur few days ago. Mr. Dutt took the departure straight from the Dabok Airport for a Dargah situated at Neemach. Mr. Dutt flew to Mumbai after paying the ziyarat at the Dargah.


#2 IPL Fever Rising Up

IPL 6 fever has started rising up in the heads of Udaipurites. Chatting, Batting Betting, Humor, and Rumor has started carving various shapes. Expression could be seen on the faces of youth when their favorite team wins or loses a match. Indians are die hard Cricket fans and would always remain so. Nothing can take away from the magnetic effect of this game whether it is a five days long test match or a 3 hour’s 20-20 mania. The rage during the climax can be watched anywhere. People returning home even get themselves stuck in front of electronic showrooms where their eyes kept glued on the large LCD/LED screens. When a live match is been available to watch on the latest wide screen LCD or LED absolutely free, then who would bother to be at home to cut their level of excitement over a 21” inches CRT.


#3 Weather Takes A U-Turn

The city and the adjoining regions experienced rainfall and hail storms at midnight 18th April. Weather took a turn and after a scorching heat at noon it became pleasurable in the evening. Dust storms were observed in the evening which transformed into rains and thunder showers and continued till midnight. Electricity failure took place at various parts of the city which restored late at night. Hailstorms were observed at some adjoining parts of Udaipur. Today weather cleared off and sun brightened at its full which at noon repeated the yesterday’s story. The sudden change in weather has brought some sign of relief from the scorching heat as the day’s temperature fell down from 3 to 5 degrees. Children also seem enjoying raindrops. After little rains it come to a halt and clouds still kept the sun covered under its blanket. Showers are expected over the city tonight and Saturday along with thunderstorms. Keep enjoying the change in the weather.



#4 The Attack of Seasonal Diseases

The sudden seasonal changes has brought scaled up graph as the toll of diseased children is rising. According to the sources from Hospitals the seasonal illness has caused over 10 children enrolled on Friday. According to the information the children are easily getting prone to diseases like cough, cold, diarrhea, mild fever and asthma. MB hospital also showed substantial number of patients suffering from seasonal diseases. It is advisable to take special care of recently born babies. Diet should be taken care on priority having full of pleasure. According to the doctors everyone must avoid use of air conditioners, coolers and cold water as these immediately brings viral attack on the body.