[Covid Wedding Permission] Know how to obtain permission for a wedding in Udaipur

In the wake of a disturbing wave in the COVID-19 cases in Udaipur and beyond, the Rajasthan government has imposed new guidelines in order to put a lid on the rising cases each day. Keeping in mind the alarming rate of COVID-19 patients, the Rajasthan government announced a Jan Anushasan Pakhwada from 19th April to the 3rd of May 2021, which is a lockdown with some restrictions lifted on essentials.

Check out all the details about the Jan Anushasan Pakhwada (lockdown) here

Procedure to Conduct Weddings: Public Events and Wedding Restrictions in Udaipur

Now, we know that many of you have scheduled your weddings in the coming weeks, and due to the second wave of COVID-19, you are doomed to put a lid on the number of invitees. However, many of you must not be aware of the procedure to conduct weddings in hotels, resorts, banquet halls, gardens, etc. You may have a lot of questions surging through your mind, such as – Do we need to seek the government’s permission before conducting the wedding at any venue? If yes, then whom should we consult or inform about it? How many people are allowed at the wedding? What about the other people included in the wedding, such as caterers, orchestra, band players, etc.; are they included in the number of people allowed?

Well, we have come to your rescue to help you find the answers to all these questions.

First things first, as per the new guidelines imposed by the Rajasthan government, only 50 people are allowed at a wedding. The state government has limited the number of guests allowed at weddings to 50, which must be met by the hotels, banquet halls, and gardens that host the events. The state government has threatened to seal the property if the hotels/banquets/gardens do not follow the rules. These guidelines will be effective from 16th April to 31st May 2021.

Dos and don’ts to organize a wedding during COVID-19 in Udaipur:

  • The band players not be counted in the said 50 members or invitees to the wedding.
  • To conduct the wedding, one needs to just inform the administration beforehand (One can inform via email in prior, no physical appearance in front of the authorities necessary. More information below)
  • Maintaining social distancing at the event is a must.
  • A face mask is a priority, and “No Mask, No Entry” will be strictly followed at the wedding.
  • Screening and sanitization will be ensured: Thermal Scanning will be compulsorily done at the entry and exit of the event; provisions will be made for hand wash and sanitization at the event.
  • Alternate seating will be arranged (one after one person) at the wedding reception.
  • Railings, door handles, and other things that come in constant human contact would have to be sanitized repeatedly.
  • The wedding organizer must film the entire wedding and be handed over to the Subdivision Officer whenever asked.

How to inform the authorities for a wedding in Udaipur/How to obtain permission for a wedding in Udaipur

To ease the hassle of public, one has to simply intimate the organizing of the wedding event well in advance to the administration, that too over email.

To do this, you need to send a scanned/soft copy of the complete wedding invitation, as well as an application/request letter where you need to provide the details of the weddings, which include:

  • Applicant’s name and number,
  • Name and age of bride and groom,
  • Name of parents, date(s) of the event,
  • Name of the venue (hotel/resort/marriage hall)
  • Complete address of the venue
  • Name of the associated police station of the zone
  • Expected number of guests

The above details have to be mailed to the email id of Assistant District Magistrate (ADM) City. If you are conducting the wedding outside of the city limits but within Udaipur division, you need to send the email to both ADM City and the associated Sub Divisional Magistrate office of the zone. The email ids for the same are mentioned below:

Sub-Divisional Officer/Office E-Mail ID Phone No
Additional District Collector & Magistrate, Udaipur 0294-2413308
Sub Divisional Officer – Girwa 0294-2413454
Sub Divisional Officer – Badgaon 8739881107
Sub Divisional Officer – Kotra 02958-229789
Sub Divisional Officer – Lasadiya 02950-293111
Sub Divisional Officer – Kherwada 02907-260177
Sub Divisional Officer – Sarada 02905-262011
Sub Divisional Officer – Jhadol 02959-220023
Sub Divisional Officer – Mavli 02955-264020
Sub Divisional Officer – Salumber 02906-232813
Sub Divisional Officer – Vallabhnagar 02957-240228
Sub Divisional Officer – Gogunda 02956-282035
Sub Divisional Officer – Rishabhdeo 02907-230001

You can download a sample application from below.

Click here to Download Sample Application Format

Please note that the document is a sample format, and is not issued by administration. The guidelines mentioned above might change from time to time, which we will try to update at the earliest.