Rest in Peace… The most Beautiful Angel – Damini

rip damini



After bravely fighting with death for 12 days, Damini finally lost her battle at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore due to internal injuries and multiple organ failure. On December 16th, brutally raped by six men in the heart of the National Capital and beaten up in a manner so beastly that trying to write it in itself brings tears to the eyes, the paramedical student was still in I.C.U. battling for her life; and it was late night today that her breaths finally stopped.

Us jameen par bhi maut manzoor nahi, jo apni beti ke liye mehfuz na thi…

It wasn’t the first time that a case like this happened to be but the way it occurred has turned out to be a threshold for everyone. Shaking the parliament, the whole nation; initiated by the students, the whole country came up to protest against the particular as well as the persisting sexual violence. It’s shameful for the government of the N.C.T., even after being ruled by a lady Chief Minister since more than a decade to host the highest number of rape cases in the nation. It was the long run process of delayed justice that today we had to see this day.

Some are asking for death sentence for the accused (do they deserve just this!), some opposing the system, some trying to develop their political prestige; but what all for now! She’s slept now….! Ours, has turned into a country that just serves the powerful.

We as common people, peacefully protested at India Gate, got beaten up with sticks & water cannons. The already crying eyes were targeted with tear gas shells; we candle marched against the mishap, our political leaders termed it a “fashion”; and when we demanded the responsible ministers to come out with a pledge, got the connotation of being “Naxalites”!

Khade huye the jo mere lahu ke liye, unhi ka lahu bahaake kyun mujhe aur sataya…

His honorable President is yet to come up with his words! It seems as though we are living in a country not belonging to us. As if the actually responsible representatives don’t have daughters in their houses. One after the other, rapes reported on a daily basis…! At a place, a 5 year innocent becomes the victim, somewhere else a 40 year old married woman turns a prey. It is enough for us, we are educated, gently brought up by our parents! We can slain such people but it is the same system that stops us from doing so.

No big words, no post-reformatory sentences, just lots of prayers and blessings for the innocent girl and her family. You were an angel for us, who despite going opened everyone’s eyes. All of us feel extremely sorry for the pains you had to take. We still just wish if the clock could be turned back.
May your soul rest in utmost peace…

Khone na dena kisi aur phool ko, apni pankhuriyaan kisi darinde ke haath..
Aaj is duniya mein nahi to kya hua, ab bhi pura desh khada hai mere saath..