In remembrance of Udaipur’s first pilot: Ashutosh Tiwari

With a heavy heart and utmost sadness, we are dejected to inform you that on July 28, 2021 Wednesday, Udaipur lost its first pilot Shri Ashutosh Tiwari. The 86 years old pilot was the first who flew a four seater Piper Super Cruiser plane on 16 november 1957 from jaipur and landed the first plane at Maharana Pratap airport. A true gem and a precious dignity.

Early life and career

  • He landed the first flight at Maharana Pratap airport, Udaipur.
  • Pilot Ashutosh Tiwari use to fly planes with former Defense Minister Jagjivan Ram, Singhania and many others.
  • Ashutosh Tiwari has also been a former member of Rajasthan Flying Club.
  • During his association with the Flying Club, Tiwari was in touch with the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Chief Minister Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor Gurmukh Nihanl Singh.
  • Along with this, from 29 September to 1 October 1960, Tiwari was also the incharge of the Fourth All India Vayu Mela.
  • It is been said that former Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi was an admirer of Ashutosh Tiwari. In fact, in the 80s when he used to fly for Air India, Rajeev Gandhi was his junior. He also praised Ashutosh’s flight skills fiercely. He also said praising the pilot that ‘it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to fly as long as you do and there is no one in his competition’. 
  • He also used to have talks with other and current Prime Minister.
  • Not just this, Pilot Tiwari wrote a book an year ago name ‘Hum ude Kab, kese?’ (‘हम उड़े कब, कैसे ?’). The book was about what a future pilot should know to become a skilled pilot, how to proceed patiently, the experiences of a pilot and all this was mentioned in extremely simple words.

What a gem of a man, we all are proud of. This truly is a greater loss to all of us. Condolence to his family and loved one’s . May his soul rests in peace. You will always be remembered sir.