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Vulnerable Traffic Sense in Udaipur

Yesterday I was merrily scooting, in my car, around the city for some work.  While crossing a road, a person driving saw me doing the same but didn’t make an effort to stop his bike so as to have a safe crossing. As soon as I crossed the road, he tried to overtake from the wrong side and at that time I was also keeping left for the convenience of other people. A situation came wherein we were about to collide but just before that could happen, correcting his mistake, the person applied breaks immediately which prevented us from an uninvited accident.

Traffic in Udaipur

This incident, including few more in recent past, made me think of the traffic conditions in our city and inspired me to write something on this topic. Its unfortunate, we Udaipurites are not so keen towards the traffic system and most of us do not abide by the set rules even after having a good knowledge for them.

Taking an example; at the crossroads, most of the times people can be easily spotted breaching the Red signal before the end of traffic signal countdown. They tend to be in such a hurry that they can’t even wait for a few seconds to get the green signal. Additionally, sometimes, watching a person cross the road when the countdown is running, the common masses follow that person like a flock of sheep and together participate in breaking the laws.

Traffic in Udaipur

Traffic in Udaipur


Though, mentioning here will be considered a crime maybe, yet the way we neglect helmets while driving two wheelers, harms us only, and that too directly.

I always think that why Udaipurites are always in such a rush! Why can’t they wait patiently for a few seconds! It will not make any difference to them if they choose to wait rather than denying the safety rules, but it will certainly help the entire traffic safety system, creating a sense of responsibility in the minds of other people watching, as Indians have a common mentality of seeing and doing things.

A common mindset of people is seen that females and senior citizens should not be made to drive as they create distortion in the traffic. I, although being a girl, even sometimes feel that they really don’t have a general sense for driving because I personally have also experienced the same situation. But this can be the case with anyone. No point pinpointing a particular segment or class of ‘hoi polloi’. Then why to blame them without a reason! Today maximum youngsters, in pride of their youth and illusion of blood being pumped in them in form of disco beats rather than heartbeats, drive so roughly and irrationally, which becomes the reason for several severe accidents. They take sharp cuts, overtake in a wrong way, exceed the speed limits, and sometimes, you witness a mini stunt show on the road itself, which causes difficulty for others. To keep in mind they should at least think of the other people whom they can harm by their ruthless driving so that the next time they drive, they drive it safe and smooth. Apart from the youth this thing should be followed by each and every person.

Another point that is worth mentioning is overloading of even the two wheelers. According to the rules it is clearly mentioned that the above case is illegal and against the law. Infact it is difficult to control an overloaded 2-wheeler, with little space left for the rider to be seated, still people indulge into such act, and I don’t understand why.

For everyone who has his/her driving license, you get a rulebook from the RTO, not to pass the MCQ test, but to keep yourself aware and the rues hard-wired in your brain. My plea to everyone is that please try to follow the rules for the betterment of the traffic system.  And do drive but drive safely for the security of everyone around you, and for yourself. As it is saiddurghatna se der bhali ”.

Thanks for reading and liking it. Your views are really valuable for me.


By: Shuchi Mehta
Photos By : Yash Sharma