These Stats Show That Udaipur really is a Touristic City!

It wouldn’t come as a matter of surprise to anyone if I say that Udaipur is a tourist city. And it definitely should be with the inordinate amount of beauty it beholds. From history to nature and to hospitality there is absolutely no field left where the city disappoints any tourist which is one of the reasons why people love coming to the city and spend their leisure time between the lush Aravali Hills with their friends and family.

Being a bit curious about tourism in the city, we had a very interesting conversation with the Deputy Director of Udaipur Tourism, Miss Sumita Saroch. In this conversation, we came to know about the current as well as the past status of the tourism in the city. In Addition to that, we also came across the statistics related to the tourism where certain points could be noted.

Source: Patrika

Facts derived from the statistics of tourism in Udaipur:

  • The number of tourists that flocked to the city in the year 2017 was 2.74 Lakh where 83,400 were Indians and 1,90,500 were foreigners.
  • It was noted that the maximum number of tourists in the year 2017 came to Udaipur in the month of November and December which were 1,31,000 and 1,38,000 respectively.
  • While the minimum was in the month of May with just 61,000.
  • About 9% increment in the tourist rate was seen in the year 2017 from the previous year.
  • In the past 7 years, 2017 was the golden year in tourism as the maximum number of tourists flocked to the city in this very year.
  • There are around 658 authorized tourist guides in the city of Udaipur from which 600 holds a city-based license and the rest holds a state-based license.

While this conversation, Ms. Saroch gave a very important message to the people of Udaipur by which they can effectively contribute to the tourism of Udaipur. Watch the video below to know what the message is.

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