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VS tattoos

A few days  ago during my hangout at the Jagdish Chowk I came across a shop. Generally I simply gaze at the shops, the colors, people and observe the typical odour of that place but that day was something special I checked out the banner and saw the logo of V’s Tattoos. For a long time I was planning to get a permanent Tattoo but couldn’t find any reliable Tattoo Artist. I walked into the shop and had a chat with Mr. Vitthal Vaghela (Owner V’s Tattoos). Though it is a general fear in people’s mind that a Permanent Tattoo = Pain, Infection etc !! However Mr. Vitthal helped me to come out of my mindset which had  ‘Fear’ related to tattoos. A few minutes later I gathered the courage to let my curiosity and questions burst out, He told me that it was not only me who questions him alot. Infact this was his routine work. Mr. Vitthal has created a solution for this ‘Query- Session’ in which before Tattooing his clients he completely explains them about the process of tattooing, gives a brief idea about the machines, inks and other things related to the same.

I hope this article helps those people who are planning to opt the Profession of Tattooing or are just curious about Tattoos and this profession.


About Vitthal Vaghela :

He started his carrier as marketing person and reached the highest heights in his trade.Tattoos always fascinated him. Vitthal says “From the very beginning  I had a so called ‘talent’ or ‘hobby’ of accepting challenges. At the time of my job I took the risk of launching New products into the unknown market and developed the skill to turn the waves in my favour“.

Vitthal’s First and Last Motto is ‘Customer’s Satisfaction With Perfection and Precision of the TATTOO’

About V’s Tattoos :

V’s Tattoos is a Tattoo parlour which is fully equipped with all the machines and stuff required for this task. The Equipments include :

  • Tattooing Machines
  • Ink Stand
  • Inks
  • Needles
  • Needle Grip etc etc…

Vitthal’s list includes more than 500 Satisfied clients in various countries as well as various Indian cities. The best thing about him is that He never compromises with quality. He uses completely disposable materials. Apart from this He takes special care about hygiene and customer’s health. He personally sees to it that the the clients are made to fill the Medical Form (which includes various details such as diseases (if any), allergies etc) before being tattooed.

V’s Tattoos provides a wide range of Tattoo Options which are :

Angel Tattoos Animal Tattoos Asian Tattoos
Butterflies Cartoons Celtic Tattoos
Clowns Cross Demon
Native American Tattoos Devil Fairy
Floral Monster Pinup
Religious Skeleton Tribal
Sun and Stars Name in all languages

Apart from being a Professional Tattoo artist he even imparts the training for the same.

Vitthal’s Training Program :

His training program is a 12 step program, which includes :

Step 1-Understanding Your Tools
Step 2: Learning about the Tattoo Machine
Step 3: Understanding How to Properly Use Needles
Step 4: Learning about Tattoo Inks
Step 5: Getting Organized
Step 6: Working with Tattoo practice “skins”
Step 7: Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo
Step 8: Making and Applying Tattoo Stencils
Step 9: Outlining
Step 10: Shadowing and Shading
Step 11: Things to be done After the Tattoo Session
Step 12: Setting up your Own Tattoo Shop


In Conversation with Vitthal Vaghela :

Me: How did this drastic change in profession came in your life?

Vitthal: Tattoos always fascinate me, this Bodyart form apart from being challenging is a very complex and elegant. Though choosing Tattooing as a Profession was a very challenging task and I happily accepted it.

Me: From where did you get it’s training ?

Vitthal: I got my training from a Professional Tattoo Trainer Mr. Kamaldeep, who had an experience of over 6 years in this challengeable yet elegant body-art form.

Me: How did your family and friends react when you entered the Tattoo Business?

Vitthal: I got immense support from my wife. Though it was a risky decision to make still my friends and family was very supportive. After all I told you about my ‘Talent’ (smiling). Maybe they knew that I would even turn these waves in my favour.

Me: What is the thing that you like the most about being a Tattoo artist?

Vitthal: The Freedom to let my imagination fly is something that makes me passionate about Tattoos. I come across various people, some of them are more interesting than others but their is a common thread that links them all and that is each person has a story, I personally find these stories quite interesting. And these stories are the one which actually led them to get the Tattoo.

Me: Where do you see this art of tattooing in the forthcoming years ?

Vitthal: Well, Future can always change. Still I think that Modern tattooing is into its budding stage specially in India or our state to be precise.So there is plenty of opportunity in this field of art.However I would like to make it clear that this form requires tremendous dedication and long hours of work. I would ask the people who lack these qualities to give it a second that. Also in case you are searching for a field with instant outcome Sorry but this is something not for you.

Me: Thank You Very much for your time. Is there anything that you would like to add ?

Vitthal: Well just that in case you guys are looking forward to get tattooed, I would suggest you to go to some reputable Tattoo parlour and make sure that the instruments (if reusable) are packaged into sterile pouches.Though this is a common practice by me still incase you opt out for somewhere else kindly take care and make sure that you follow the suggestions, precautions given by the Tattoo artist in order to prevent any problem. Because ‘Prevention Is better Than Cure’

For More Information Visit my site: Vs Tattoos or call me at +91-9829274278


I would really appreciate the Hospitality by Mr. Vitthal ji 🙂 i will get my tattoo done soon.

Here are few of his tattoo creations : (click to enlarge)