US$6000 (Rs.4 lacs) Prize for Udaipur Students Project by Intel Corporation, USA

It was the time for students of Udaipur based engineering college Techno India NJR Institute of Technology to make a splash on international technology scene. World’s biggest chip maker Intel Corporation of USA organised a Hackathon with a challenge to   build innovative devices to improve human life. Thousands of entries were received for this challenge from all over the world.      

3 students of Techno NJR  Electronics and Communication branch  took this challenge and decided to create a device to improve quality of water in Udaipur lakes and wells. First step to improve is to measure  water quality . Traditional way to measure quality of water is to take sample of water from the lake and do the testing  in a laboratory  where you get results next day. And it  was not done regularly. Also data on quality of water remained with authorities and laboratories only.

techno india njr students

These students decided to create an Internet of Things (IoT)  device which could measure water quality continuously without taking water sample and also  share results  with everyone through an App so that so that every Udaipurite can contribute in improving quality of lake Water.

So this is what they did

They created a box and installed 4 sensors to measure following four parameters of Water quality “

  1. Temperature
  2. PH
  3. Turbidity
  4. Dissolved oxygen

They also installed a data logger to collect all readings of these sensors and also added a solar panel to supply power to the box. They connected  this system to IBM Bluemix cloud to store the data on quality of water sent  every half an hour  by the sensors. They also used IBM Watson to analyse this continuous data to create reports and graphs and created an App  called Lake Monitoring System ( available on Google Play Store ) through which anyone in the world can see quality of water in Udaipur lakes on live basis. 

This will help in authorities and Udaipur lake lovers in improving the quality of water by taking suitable measures. If Ph is increasing it will imply that some water from sewage is coming in lakes. Dissolved oxygen level indicates suitability of this water for fishes and fauna in the lake. If dissolved oxygen level is low it can be improved by installing aerators. 

For this highly valuable project  students Ritwik Dave, Roshni Mehta and Himmat Khatik won second prize of US$ 5000 and Best Student project of US$ 1000 in Intel Hacks 2017 for their entry – Smart Well Monitoring System . This system has been installed by the students at Fatehsagar lake in Udaipur . 

As a highly gracious and commendable gesture, students have offered to use Prize money of Rs.4 lacs to make 6 more systems like these and install them in other six lakes of Udaipur so that Government authorities and general public can see water quality of all 7 lakes through one App on their mobile. Computer Science students Ritwik Joshi and Vansh Soni designed the dashboard and the App based on IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson platform. You can see the system at:

Project was mentored by  Prof. Pradeep C. & Dr. Jonathan Joshi  on IoT side and Aaditya Maheshwari on Cloud and Analytics .

UdaipurBlog congratulates these students for this useful device which will help Udaipur keep it’s lakes pristine and clean.