First International Conference on Road Safety Vision 2020 started

First International Conference on Road Safety Vision 2020 started

The first ever 2 day’s International Conference on Road Safety Vision 2020 started in city of lakes
Udaipur from today onwards at Mohanlal Shukhadia University Auditorium and is inaugurated by
Honourable Minister of Transport Mr. Brij Kishore Sharma. The conference was managed and organised
by Mohanlal Shukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan), All India Federation of Motor Vehicles
Department Technical Executive Officer’s Association and Transport Department, Government of
Rajasthan collectively. It is also sponsored by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Govt. of India.

In the conference the issue related to ‘Role of Education in Road Safety & Present Status of Road Safety
Future Challenges is the main area of discussion. Mr. Brij Kishore Sharma emphasised that proper plans
should be made to increase the safety measures and the students and parents should be conscious
that they should not set the people free without licence which is the major cause of accident and the
young and rash driver workshop to be organised time to time. The key note lecture was delivered by
Dr. G. Gururaj, HOD Epidemiology, NIMHANS, Bangalore says that the Road Traffic Injuries (RTI) are
the leading causes of death, hospitalisation, disability and socioeconomic classes in the countries, more
so in India. The economic losses in the Indian Society are estimated at 3% GDP every year. This is also
increasing the pain and suffering of the individuals and the families. Nearly the three fourth of injured
and killed are two wheelers, pedestrians and pedal Cyclist.

First International Conference on Road Safety Vision 2020
On the stage Mr. B.L. Gurjar, President, RPNS/ Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, President, AIFMVDTEOA/Mr. Deepak Upreti, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Transport Dptt., Govt.o f Rajasthan/Mr. Brij Kishore Sharma, Transport Minister, Prof. K. Venugopal, G.D. Charan, President, RPSP/ Prof. B.L. Ahuja HOD Physics MLSU

The Session I covered the ‘Role of Education in Road Safety ‘ the discussion were made how education
plays a vital role in Road Safety. As with the increasing accidents the need for road safety measures
is also of importance. Awareness should be made among the parents that they should not allow their
wards to drive without licence. The campaign is also to be launched in the schools so as to aware the
students about the rules and safety measures. Lectures were delivered by R.S. Raghunath, Chief Advisor
AIFMVDTEOA, Banglore, Susanne Ebner, M.D., Herbert Ebner, Austria and Mr. Mridul Bhasin, Muskan
Foundation, Jaipur .

The II Session started with the topic of ’Higher Education and Driver Education’. Mr. Ashish Verma,
Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Civil Engg. explains assessing the Impact of Driver Attributes on Road
Safety and Mobility. The Haddon Matrix(the scientific method of measuring the injuries) and its
contribution towards road safety education approaches adds Mr.Srinivas Puppala, Transport Deptt. ,
Andhra Pradesh. Mr . R.K. Garg talks about the road safety scenario and role of education sector in India.
Mr. Amit Khatri concludes the session by explaining about drivers training and Indian Roads.

The conference will continue tomorrow and will be ending by afternoon.