Offices of Udaipur: Kamal Hinged Construction & Consultant

Designing an office that is unique, splendid and functional is not an easy task. Udaipur being a tier II city with developing realms; an embryonic infrastructure is what we come across everyday navigating through the cityscape. Keeping in focus the same, we have come up with an exclusive series of showcasing Offices of Udaipur that are unique, well-designed and operative, taking their workspace to a whole new level.

This office has an unparalleled charm of its own. Stepping into the lobby area makes you feel the relevancy of the office. Kamal Hinged is leading this office with his efficient staff members. Kamal Hinged Construction and Consultant started in February 2012. They majorly deal with architecture, interior and Project Management Consultants (PMC) work.

khccpl office

Office Infrastructure:

A design that will floor you, dealing in architecture and interior, the office truly lives up to their work profile. Bifurcated into brilliant, spacious spaces the office has a look that inspires you to contemplate the beautiful design, laud the toil and brains behind the construction and finally adore the beauty.

They take their brand to the windows and the walls. Quirky yet cutting edge design define this workspace.

A well managed and opulent reception, having an area of 300 sq ft, has a waiting area with an amazing design; from wall and ceiling texture to carpets placed in a very new way. The Conference room (80 sq ft) Working area (600 sq ft) can make you work day-n-night at the office! The working space is well defined and has artificial greenery. The workspace is actual lush!

Next to the conference room and working space comes the place where the CA/HR sits. The area sprawls into a 200 sq ft and is an open space. The passageway leading you to the CA/HR space has beautiful wooden frames and embellishments hung on the wall. Crossing the CA/HR cabin, the Main cabin of director comes which is 250 sq ft in area, studded with accolades and is designed by Mr. Hinged himself.

The office boasts a total area 1500 sq ft and Superbuildup 1750 sq ft with PVC flooring and POP ceiling.

The Team at Kamal Hinged Construction and Consultant Pvt. Ltd:

They have a team of 12 people comprising of architects, designers, consultants, project manager, CA etc.

Services Offered:

Their services include architectural design, programming, master planning, landscape design, interior design, and PMC which are utilized in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, educational, and community projects.

Address: 437, 4th floor, Manglam fun square, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur (Raj.)

Not all workspaces were created equal – some can build up workers’ morale and can keep them happy and inspire them to be more energetic and creative in their fields.

Have a look at the Kamal Hinged Construction and Consultant office’s video and tell us your review of the same.


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