Udaipur’s Best Store for Exclusive Women’s Wear Collection at Great Prices

Cherish the handmade artistic collection of handcrafted, ethnic, organic women’s wear and International brand collection of beautiful ties, belts, gift sets, showpieces, perfumes, ladies handbags, jewelry and a lot more under one roof: Udaipur Haat. It is an exclusive store near Sajjangarh that not only serves a noble cause of Women empowerment but provides you with the best collection at reasonable rates.

As the name ‘Udaipur Haat suggests they focus on eliminating the middlemen. Instead of outsourcing, they contact the rural artisans, specifically women, and provide them Material, design and financial assistance, a fair deal that most of the middlemen are not able to.


A Welfare Initiative by the Women for the Women

They focus on highlighting the agenda of, ‘Women Empowerment via Women employment. There are several oppressed women in India who decided to weave their freedoms by showcasing their skilled hands in manufacturing hand-crafted artefacts. Why is the state of these underprivileged women not changing? The prime cause is the unfair wages and cheap bulk buying by the middlemen.
After learning about the distressing condition of the rural crafts-woman-ship, two visionary women stepped up to help the cause of these artisans and provide a chance at a better future for them.

Knowing the Leading Ladies behind this Initiative better:

Nisha, an Entrepreneur, Humanist, Aficionado of culture & arts – director of Udaipur Haat believes that, “Women are the largest untapped resources of talent in the world”. She spent 30 years of her life overseas, during the course of which she visited around 60 countries and experienced and learnt from their art and culture.

Now she has firmly decided to encourage Indian art and support the cause of Women Empowerment in her own way. On asking her about the reason of settling back in Udaipur and supporting the cause of Women Empowerment she replied, “Life-fulfilling work is never about the money- when you feel true passion for something you instinctively find ways to nurture it”.

Why to shop from Udaipur Haat? 

Udaipur Haat gives you access to unique handcrafted pieces created by less-fortune women who chose to rotate the wheel of hard-work to sustain and improve their conditions and backup their respective families.

‘Shopping and Supporting a noble cause all together!”