Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Udaipur is a dreamy and picturesque place, nestled amidst the Aravali Ranges the city has a number of scenic lakes which is the reason behind it being known as the City of Lakes. Coming to Udaipur can be on your list of getaways coming holiday season but living here can be a costly affair, until you have read our article!

So this is something that I have been told quite a lot of times, ‘Udaipur is too costly to spend a holiday’. Probably yes if you choose the 5-stars here, they are going to cost you a fortune! Fortunately enough there are some oh-not-so-expensive staying options that are just fine for spending your days in this beautiful city without even causing any burden to your pocket. Have a look at the options; they might turn into one of the reasons why you are going to enjoy Udaipur just fine!

Bunkyard Hostel

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Bunkyard Hostel in Udaipur is a backpacker stay for travelers coming to explore the vicinity of the city. The Hostel has a nice structure and has just the apt location which lets you travel to the Palaces and other Historical monuments in Udaipur. Just outside the hostel are several old buildings, temples, lake-fronts, and Antique Shops that add to the exquisiteness of the place.
Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Deluxe 6 Bed Female Dorm: INR 449.00

Deluxe 6 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 449.00

Locate the Bunkyard Hostel at 23, Lal Ghat Road, Silawatwari, Udaipur


The Journey Hostels

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

The Journey Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Udaipur. The hostel is flooded with good services that include free Wi-Fi, 24 hours security and reception, open kitchen, and cafe on the rooftop and much more. Apart from that, the location is great as it overlooks Lake Pichola and Ganguar Ghat which is you know hot spot for shutterbugs!

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 249.00

Deluxe 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 349.00

Locate the Journey Hostels at 60/9, Hanuman Ghat, Opp. Udai Kothi Hotel, Chandpole, Udaipur


Moustache Hostel

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Moustache Hostel is located in the old city of Udaipur and the rooftop offers a breath-taking view of the Lake Pichola. You can head straight to the rooftop of the hostel to enjoy the beautiful sunset after a tiring day exploring the city. Whether you’ve just stop in Udaipur for a couple of days, or you’re planning an extended trip; the Moustache hostel is the place to stay.

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

It has a number of rooms including some Private Rooms and mixed rooms as well;

Standard Double Bed Private: INR 900.00

Standard 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 249.00

Standard 4 Bed Female Dorm: INR 299.00            

Standard 4 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 299.00

Standard 6 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 279.00

Locate the Moustache Hostel at 44, Panduwari, Gadiya Devra, Near Jagdish Chowk, Girwa, Udaipur



Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Zostel Udaipur is located in Chandpole which offers just a 15 mins walk for the tourists to the major spots in Udaipur like the City Palace, Jagdish Mandir etc. The hostel offers a view of the Lake Swaroop Sagar and boasts a rooftop cafe, which is also one of the best sites to view the sunset from. It offers a panoramic view of a major part of the city, covering Lake Pichola, Monsoon Palace, Jagdish Temple, and City Palace.

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!
Deluxe Twin Private: INR 2612.33

Superior 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 482.33

Superior 4 Bed Female Dorm: INR 549.00

Superior 6 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 532.33

Locate Zostel at Purohit Ji Ka Khurra, Chandpole, Udaipur


Backpackers Panda

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

In Udaipur itself, the hostel has two locations which both are ‘on-point’-  One near Lake Fatehsagar and other near Lake Pichola. The place offers all the standard facilities of a dormitory including air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi and city maps replete with all the germane information about the city etc.

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Superior 8 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 329.00

Superior 4 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 449.00

Superior 6 Bed Female Dorm: INR 349.00

Superior 6 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 349.00

Locate Backpackers Panda near the Lake Fatehsagar:

Plot no. 6, Lala Bapu Ki Wadi 2, Near Nemach Mata Temple, Close to Curry leaf Hotel, Dewali, Udaipur

Locate Backpackers Panda near the Lake Pichola:

17, Chhoti bhatwadi O/S Chandpole- Jethiyo ka Akhada, Near Pichola Lake, Udaipur


Banjara Hostels

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Banjara hostel stands in the backyard of the Lake Pichola near Gangaur Ghat. It is located at 5 mins walk to some of the famous spots like Jagdish Mandir, Pichola Lake, Ganguar Ghat and City Palace. The hostel has well-designed rooms and dormitories. The rooftop is quite magnificent and gives a panoramic view of the city as it’s the highest rooftop in the old city.

Live in Udaipur for just Rupees 240!

Basic 4 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 240.00

Basic 4 Bed Female Dorm: INR 280.00

Standard 4 Bed Mixed Dorm: INR 280.00

Locate Banjara Hostel at 83, Banjara Hostel, Udainiwas Hotel, Gangaurghat Road near Jagdish temple, Udaipur


Most of these hostels are situated in the heart of the city, the old city of Udaipur, which is by far the most interesting place if you want to taste the real flavour of Udaipur-walk straight in an alley and find yourself standing amidst vibrant colours of the Old City market bustling with vintage and Rajasthani Stuff waiting for your glance!

Aren’t you excited to visit the City of Lakes? Plan a visit now and experience the beauty of the scenic places and tranquillity that the city has to offer.

Now you know where to stay in Udaipur!


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Reason to celebrate! Udaipur has been featured in list of top 15 cities of the world, ahead of Mumbai & Delhi

You can push the boat out as Udaipur is again making us proud!

Our city is making us as well as our country proud at the global level this time. The City of Lakes has been named amongst 2017’s top urban destinations getting itself featured in the list of ‘The World’s Top 15 Cities’ in a survey done by the famous magazine Travel and Leisure.

Source: @wartnderlust

The city has secured its position at the number fourteen. The magazine, Travel and Leisure- known for its Awards, conducts a survey every year for the World’s Best Awards asking readers to evaluate cities on travel experiences around the globe, to share their opinions on the top cities, their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping etc.

Here is the list of all the 15 cities:

15. Barcelona, Spain

14. Udaipur, India

13. Siem Reap, Cambodia

12. Rome, Italy

11. Santa Fe, New Mexico

10. Luang Prabang, Laos

9. Ubud, Indonesia

8. Cape Town, South Africa

7. Hoi An, Vietnam

6. Oaxaca, Mexico

5. Florence, Italy

4. Kyoto, Japan

3.Chiang Mai, Thailand

2. Charleston, South Carolina

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Udaipur has always been the apple of the eye of travelers across the globe. A lot of tourists flock to the city every year. While this is a great thing for us to celebrate, we must thrive to get ourselves listed down as the Best City to travel. This has to be a collective effort of the administration and people belonging to the City of Lakes.

About Travel and Leisure Magazine:

Travel and Leisure magazine is known for its World’s Best Awards survey. People follow Travel + Leisure for travel inspiration and information on the best destinations and properties to visit around the world.

Places to Visit

Your Camera Is A Waste If You Haven’t Clicked These Places!!!

These Places are the Perfect Escape for Shutterbugs This Monsoon in Udaipur

Love nature-Got a camera- Thinking where to go for clicking? Well, we are at your rescue.

Udaipur is indeed picturesque, and with the onset of Monsoon, the city is drenched with colors of the Mother Nature. The lush green hills surround the city; the small brooks flowing making the peaceful sound of the water. Udaipur is at its best in Monsoons and there no doubt about it.

While you want to capture every little detail about this beautiful season in Udaipur, you ought to be aware of the places where you can get the perfect shot. Here is a list of locations in and around Udaipur where you can practice taking matchless snaps! Check out the list!

Purohito Ka Talab

places in udaipur
Source: Kuldeep Singh

Among the picturesque mountains of Aravali, ‘Purohito ka Talab’ is being developed as a new destination for tourists. It is located at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Udaipur, in Amberi Panchayat which is also known as Mini Jaisalmer.

The work to develop it as a new destination for Udaipur is being carried out by UIT and Forest Department here. The Reddish-Orange Chattris are a major clicking muse!

Peepliya Ji

places in udaipur
Source: Siddharth Nagar

This one place is all over the internet for Udaipur. Peepliya village gets flooded with nature lovers and photographers all round the year. But when it comes to the Monsoon season, the place becomes not anything less than Heaven. The clouds come down to touch you and height at which you are, gives a superb view of the hillocks surrounding you.

Peepliya ji is a must for any shutterbug loving nature photography.

Karni Mata

places in udaipur
Source: Madat Brahma

To view Udaipur from a different angle, one can travel to Karni Mata which is the sunset point of Udaipur as well. Your camera will surely love what it’s capturing! Motor boats running on one side, and a view of the whole city with misty sun setting is like a dream landscape. Karni Mata should be on your list this Monsoon.

Ambrai Ghat

places in udaipur
Source: Abhimanyu

Famous for its panoramic view of the Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat is seriously a place to be considered when going for a clicking session in Monsoons. Go there, chill, capture some vibrant colors and bring home a card full of excellent environs.

Badi Lake

places in udaipur
Source: Gajendra Kumawat

This is somewhat a new place discovered in Udaipur near Badi. Although not many people know about it, many people have taken breathtaking photos of the Badi Lake from this location. The heightened point gives you a full view of the Lake making it irresistible, admirable to capture in your camera.


places in udaipur
Source: Abrar Ahmed

Yet another place on a hillock is the Monsoon Palace. The name of the place itself is enough to make you aware why going up to Sajjangarh is a must in Monsoons. Cold breeze on a rainy day, clearing and washing away every bit of dust giving you a canvas full of the color green! The view of the city from Sajjangarh is not less than a painting.

Nimach Mata

places in udaipur
Source: Ruhaan Khan

Nimach Mata Temple is situated near Lake Fatehsagar, on a small Hill. It gives an ultimate view of the Lake and is a great option in Monsoon for clicking. One must visit this place, situated in the heart of the city.

Chirwa Ka Ghata

places in udaipur
Source: MyCityMyAngle

Want to go a little out, away from the hustle-bustle of the city? Then Chirwa ka Ghata is your destination. It shall offer a fantastic view of the city from a distance, and the lush green hills will take your breath away!


places in udaipur
Source: Shubham Chouhan

A series or range of hills will surround you as you enter the road that leads to Raita. The famous Snake road is where you wanna take your pictures. The Place has immense beauty and must be on your checklist this monsoon.

Loved our list? Tell us about your experiences at these places and also let us know if we have missed any location that is ideal for photography in Monsoons in Udaipur. Your suggestions are valuable to us!


Get Photos clicked with Dinosaurs in Udaipur .. Know Where!

Yes, you read it right! The Jurassic Park is in the Celebration Mall. Not the movie but the creatures! But what are these creatures doing in the Mall? Confused, aren’t you?

Well, the mall has turned 6 years old in July 2017 and to mark the occasion of completing six successful years in Udaipur, the Celebration Mall has placed huge elements for enticing and entertaining the spectators.
These elements are Animals from the bygone era, Dinosaurs. These majestic animals are placed on the ground floor for everyone to watch and look at.celebration mall
From children to adults, all are mesmerized by these huge animals as they can move and produce sound. People can take photos and selfies with these creatures which look like the one we saw in the movie Jurassic Park.

It is a thing of amazement for the Udaipurites as this is the first time in Udaipur that any such thing is being displayed. The theme started on 1st July 2017 which shall run the entire month until 31st July 2017.

celebration mall

Dinosaurs in Udaipur

Excited about it? Visit the Celebration Mall to witness them live!

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