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Interesting facts you should know about this World Consumer Rights Day

There are numerous questions that come to mind when we talk about consumer rights and things associated with the term. What are consumer rights? Can we ensure our safety through these rights? Can you sue the brand for making cheap quality products?… and so on! Do you know that there are a number of rights that protect you against false items? To make you aware of the same, we have come up with this blog where you can know all about consumer protection rights and how can you reach a consumer protection right forum or helpline number in Udaipur.

First things first, let me tell you a little something about consumer rights and why we celebrate World Consumer Rights Day.

What are Consumer Rights?

Being a consumer or buyer, you have the right to have proper and authentic information about goods or services that are sold to you. The seller is liable to ensure the quality, purity, price, potency, and standards of the goods and services sold to the customer.

Why is World Consumer Rights Day Celebrated?

The World Consumer Rights Day falls on 15th March every year, as a means to raise awareness among the people about their needs and rights as a consumer. By celebrating this day, we aware of each other of the right to demand protection and respect against the consumers and to stay safe from the fraudulent activities taking place in the marketplace. The day gives us a chance to protect ourselves against market abuses and social injustices by local or online sellers, which undermines those rights. President John F Kennedy of the USA was the first one to address the issues that consumers face every day, which ultimately gave rise to World Consumer Day. He addressed the topic in the special letter/message sent to the US Congress on March 15, 1962, where he formally instigated to focus on consumer rights. The movement first marked its date in 1983 and is now celebrated every year with the help of campaigns and releasing important issues.

Important Facts and Rights that Protects you as a Consumer

If you are buying goods and services from a local market or any online platform, you are liable to benefit from various rights if the things sold to you are wrong or not up to the mark. Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of their rights, which puts them in a difficult situation anytime they buy products or services, and they are delivered under false pretenses.  Lots of consumers encounter complications when seeking to profit from those rights. In a few cases, customers may be provided erroneous or perplexing information regarding their compensation privileges from a seller after lodging a complaint.

  • The Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 was passed by the Lok Sabha Minister (The Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution), Mr Ram Vilas Pawan, on July 08, 2019, which replaces the Consumer Protection Act 1986.
  • You have a right to file a complaint from anywhere, anytime. The consumer has the right to lodge a complaint from home, office, or anywhere else if faced with any product or service-related problem.
  • You have a right to seek product or service compensation under this liability. In case of any defective product or service, you are liable to file a report to express the product’s warranty, and if the seller denies accepting the same, he or she will be held liable for the consequences. This stipulation brings e-commerce under its realm.
  • If you have an issue related to violation of consumer rights or unfair selling practices that are a result of misleading advertising, then you have a right to protect yourself as a class.
  • A consumer has the right to seek a hearing with the help of video conferencing. Under this provision, you have a right to present your complaint before the district committee on the basis of an affidavit or recorded evidence to prove your point.
  • If your complaint is rejected, you have the right to know the reason for the same. No district commission is allowed to reject your complaint without hearing. In fact, the commission is required to decide about rejecting or admitting the complaint within 21 days, and there is no action taken for the same, then the complaint is directly deemed as admitted under the law.
  • You have a right to choose a product or service and negotiate for the same.
  • As a consumer, you have a right to seek redressal or compensation for unfair trade practices or restricted trade practices.
  • The biggest right of them all, you do NOT need a lawyer to appear in a consumer court! You can have any relative or even yourself represent the case. Alternatively you can also have a lawyer do initial paperwork and then handle rest of the things all by yourself!

Find Consumer Protection Court in Udaipur

Udaipurites! You can easily find a consumer court in Udaipur to file a complaint that there is a breach of consumer rights.

Udaipur District Forum

Phone: 0294-2411743, 9414796970

Address: Court Premises, Udaipur

Department of Consumer Affairs, Rajasthan

Visit: Upbhokta Mamle Vibhag

Toll-Free Number: 1800-180-603


We hope you have all the information and facts you need to know about your rights as a consumer! Buy Smartly, and yes, Jaago Graahak Jaago!