The Celebration Mall Udaipur Might Soon Become FORUM Mall

Soon after the news of McDonald’s closing, comes another one about the Celebration Mall Udaipur. The largest mall in Udaipur is to be acquired by Prestige Group from South India and mall shall get a name change soon; then it would be called as FORUM Mall.

Celebration Mall photo | UdaipurBlog

The Celebration Mall Udaipur was with CapitalLand and has been taken over by the Property Group from Southern India – Prestige Group which also runs a well-known group of malls – FORUM Malls.

Prestige Group will attain CapitaLand’s stake in seven units that are engaged in retail real-estate. The acquisition is of Rs 342 crores, which shall include 100 percent stake in Flicker Projects Pvt. Ltd. that possesses and runs The Celebration Mall, Udaipur. Prestige group is one of the most famous and pioneering groups in properties.

Lo and behold! Rumour even has it that name of The Celebration Mall may also be changed as a new parent company acquires the property and this might lead to a name change.

It has been just a couple of days that McDonald’s in Udaipur is closed for the time being and now even the mall containing the flagship shall get a new name!