Book Lovers! Here’s where you can get 1 Kg books at Rs. 200 in Udaipur

It’s literally a dream of every book lover to buy dozens of books at the same time but most of these books and novels are very expensive and it is not possible for a middle-class person to buy a lot of them at the same time.

But what if I tell you if you can buy books on a price as low as 200 Rs. for a kg? It’s has been a wish of every book lover that just like metro cities, Udaipur also has a stall where you can buy low priced books like such. And so stalls have been placed in the Lake City mall where one of the stalls is of books from where you can buy books of multiple genres. These include novels, children books, encyclopedia, motivational books, and many others. The prices of different genres vary. However, Novel lovers can buy a Kilo of books in just Rs. 200.

Apart from that, several other stalls have been placed too where you can get garments, sweaters, cardigans, lowers, pajamas, shoes, bags, etc. at very low prices.

The owners of the stalls travel to various cities and that is the reason why the stalls in Udaipur will remain for a limited period only. The last day of the stalls would be Sunday, 20th January after which they will move to a different place.

A piece of advice – there is a huge scope of bargaining, so you can always try your hand on that.

So, book lovers! Is there any better news than this today?

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