7 Types of People You Come Across in Udaipur

A city is like a movie which has a cast full of sad, mad, happy, angry people. Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure that you won’t be able to ignore them. And accept it or not, these are the elements that make the city interesting, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that a city is made up of bricks and stones but it comes to life through its people.

And along with the Lakes, there are a bunch of some more things that make Udaipur intriguing and that is its people. Although, the number of mood swings every individual bear is countless there are some traits that we are either born with or acquire in our lifetime and that is what decides what type are we. So, here are the types of people that you are likely to find in the city. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will not be spared by some of these characters.

‘Can you take a picture of me here’ type

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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The first and the most common category. In this category, people tend to get obsessed with clicking pictures everywhere, every time. This kind of people literally give efforts on getting all dressed up, choosing an elegant place and clicking a lot of pictures in every possible pose. Their Instagram or Facebook feed is full of fancy selfies, groupfies, pictures with Snapchat filters, Instagram filters and the list is endless. Every friend of this person is his personal photographer.


‘Dude! There’s this new food joint…’ type

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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This person is the exclusive foodie and food critic of our group. Every outing of the entire group begins and ends at some street food stall, café, or restaurant because of him. Every new food item that arrives in Udaipur, be it potato tornado, conizza, or live Tawa ice cream, is first tasted and reviewed by him and then passed on to the rest of the group. His social networking is full of pictures of food and all that you think after seeing them is ‘Where the hell do they serve THIS in Udaipur?’


The ‘Wanderer of the city’

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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This is the ‘Eid ka chand’ of the gang because most of the times he is out traveling to different places in the country. And when he is in the city he turns out to be the one who discovers new places in Udaipur. It must have been one of such wanderers who would’ve discovered places like Badi hill, Pipliya, etc.


The ‘Angreji mem’

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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The hotshot diva of the city. Don’t get confused by her dress up or accent, she is purely born and raised up in Udaipur. People in this category are usually bold, attractive and very popular. You can easily find too many people following her on her Instagram. While she tends to irritate and make some people jealous, others are too busy drooling over her.


‘I own a DSLR, hence, I am a photographer’ type

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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Although there are a lot of outstanding photographers out there who capture some mind-blowing images, there are some people whose DSLR is as useless as a glass hammer. They just buy these expensive cameras in the hype, try to imitate some renowned photographers and later on get tired with all the mess and leave the camera to rot in some corner.


‘The Richie Rich’ type

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur
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Sit on the pal of Fatehsagar or Rani Road on a weekend eve and you will easily spot these people. These people are like ‘too rich to care’. They own different luxurious cars, bikes and possibly everything. They do not get tired of bragging their stuff and while you are in a restaurant or a café with them, do not worry about the bill because they are going to pay it whatsoever. Even, if you insist, which you honestly shouldn’t.


The ‘Show off’ type

7 Types of people you come across in Udaipur

Quite contrary to the above category, these people brag about all the things they own and often the ones that they don’t. According to them, they have a direct connection to RBI which supplies money to them, hence they own huge bungalows with different luxurious cars with a chauffeur waiting for them. But make sure you do not ask them to see all this stuff because if you do, you will be listening to a list of impossible excuses for the next hour.

It becomes quite difficult sometimes to bear the tantrums of people but at the end of the day no one is perfect and we too have some of the irritating habits, right? And after all a friend is someone that handles all our frenzies and still love us unconditionally.

So? Does your friends’ group include any such people? Tag them and let them know that they have been featured here. If you have any feedback in mind regarding the article, share them with us in the comment section below or you can also write to me at